RingCentral: Retire the Silos

Talking siloed apps and legacy systems with RingCentral

RingCentral: Retire the Silos

What does it mean to have the best communications strategy today?

For most companies, it’s not just about investing in the latest technology or equipment. It’s about combining the various elements of your organisation in a way that drives better productivity and performance. One of the companies leading the way to the transformation of communications is RingCentral. RingCentral provide exceptional services for both the front end of customer communication with CCaaS and the back end with UCaaS.

The complete RingCentral portfolio means that organisations can access everything from video and meetings to team collaboration from the same vendor – simplifying the technology stack. Curtis Peterson, Senior Vice President of RingCentral, told us how RingCentral are doing their part to “retire the silos” in the modern workplace.

How Is RingCentral Eliminating Silos in the Workplace?

Curtis Peterson

Curtis Peterson

Curtis Peterson is one of the people responsible for guiding RingCentral’s strategic vision as the business expands and transforms. “I think one of the key parts of RingCentral’s vision, is the quest to retire systems that aren’t connected and open. It doesn’t matter if these strategies are premises-based or whatever. Just by getting rid of walls between departments, consumers, and businesses, we can help businesses to thrive.”

RingCentral is continually developing its strategy with innovations and acquisitions. Recently, the company added “Engage” to their platform, which helps businesses to connect with customers on a multitude of channels. They also purchased “Connect First” to support their outbound multichannel strategy. What’s more, RingCentral ensures that their clients always have access to the information they collect across their omnichannel strategy.

“We believe that by putting business communications data in an open platform and making it visible, we’re helping companies to see the places where they can evolve.”

How Does Being “Pure Cloud” Help You to Differentiate?

Peterson told me that when the term “Pure Play” first emerged for the cloud, it didn’t have the best connotations. He believes that a lot of CIOs felt uncomfortable investing in the latest and shiniest thing on the market.

“However, we’ve turned Pure Play into something new. We think now; it’s the must-have way of implementing communications in a business”

By taking a pure cloud approach with solutions like CCaaS and UCaaS, RingCentral provides a more complete, connected environment for its customers. “If you think about all the different ways that people can connect today, it would be chaos without connections. We’ve got employees out there with 6 or 7 meeting platforms. It ends up getting distracting.”

By going into a single platform, you can eliminate all the confusion and start a collaboration-based strategy that works cohesively in every environment.

RingCentral Have Been Breaking Down International Barriers Too

It’s not just communication barriers that RingCentral is breaking down. They’re also eliminating the boundaries between countries too. “We have our global office product that offers a real local experience in 42 countries now.”

With Global Office, companies with locations around the world can reduce expenses, and simplify their systems at the same time. “A typical company would be dealing with anything between 6 and 12 invoices for their communication platform on a global scale. We can narrow it down to just one invoice, or one per country.”

RingCentral is showing its customers that the cloud is convenient not just because of its cost savings and flexibility. “It’s also useful from the back-end too.”

What Does the Year Ahead Look Like?

RingCentral continues to accomplish incredible things year after year.

“Looking ahead, we’re continuing our march to enterprise”

“It’s been successful so far, and we’re seeing much bigger companies embrace the cloud like never before. I also think we’ll see better in-country selling too, and global office is going to be a big feature of that.”

Peterson also mentioned that RingCentral would be continuing to work on making things as simple as possible for their customers, from their billing to their customer support. “For us, it’s all about removing the friction and challenges that companies have faced so far.”



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