RingOver: Friend of the Flexible Freelancer

A complete cloud phone system which supports the solopreneur through to enterprise success

RingOver: Friend of the Flexible Freelancer

As a freelance writer I am used to working in creative and innovative ways, but when dealing with clients it’s vital that this freedom and flexibility is never perceived as a lack of professionalism or presence. The online world lets us connect with and collaborate with anybody we like, in any location, but sometimes the voice calling component of this carefully constructed persona can be the giveaway — that maybe it really is just you, your phone and your laptop, whatever your beautiful website implies.

Your professional voice presence

Ginelle Bell

Ginelle Bell

That’s why RingOver’s cloud phone system is designed to meet the needs of every user, including the solopreneur — who can now have all the functionality of a powerful PBX, via a simple mobile and web app. Untethered to a big desktop endpoint, the digital nomad, home-based worker or co-working hot-desker can attend each call in the way it best deserves.

Whether you’re between cocktails on a Caribbean beach, or actually getting some work done somewhere indoors in defiance of all flexible working clichés, your caller can be greeted with a professional IVR, and a call routed appropriately to different mailboxes as required. Accounts payable? Please leave a message. New business enquiry? Putting you through right now! (provided it’s incoming during the hours you’ve chosen to receive those kinds of calls. It’s all about how you decide to set it up and manage it.)

As RingOver’s UK Country Manager, Ginelle Bell, explains, with a system like this,

“…you transform the image of your business from the onset of the first call. And it enables you to separate your personal life and calls from your professional life, without any hassle or disrespect”

A world of freelance freedom

Today’s freelancers operate in a global marketplace, so being able to quickly add local international numbers for both inbound and outbound calls is a feature which amplifies the effectiveness of the presence. Being 100% cloud-based and device-agnostic means that if a surge of interest emerges in a new market you can quickly offer new localised calling options just for people in that country, via a simple dashboard.

But while I intend to freelance till I die, for other entrepreneurs it’s just the first stage of an enterprise which will grow fast, from solopreneur to startup and eventually to global domination. Often this means adding increasing layers of administration and complication overhead, having to introduce new systems for doing things to reflect new volumes.

RingOver Cloud Phone Freelance Freedom


RingOver’s simple per-user-per-month model is designed to grow alongside your business when it expands. This means there won’t need to be disruptive transitions which impact on comms as you scale and suddenly need a ‘bigger’ system for the type of business you’ve become. It’s just a case of adding the new users in the account with their preferred device, as easily as you add them to an email directory — and it really is designed to be implemented by any user, no CTO or IT specialist required.

So if you ARE your own CTO right now (as well as your own bookkeeper, marketing director, office cleaner and receptionist), no one needs to ever know from your phone system. And when you’re ready to expand, RingOver expands alongside you — seamlessly and smoothly, from sole trader to global success.

All you have to worry about is your business.


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