Say So Long to the Phone Bill with Dialpad Free

Dialpad Free is now available throughout the U.S

Say So Long to the Phone Bill with Dialpad Free

There are a lot of things to think about when you first launch a new business. Not only do you need to come up with an incredible USP innovative enough to earn the attention of your target audience, but you also need to figure out how you’re going to pay for all the expenses of running a successful venture. Fortunately, at least for businesses in the United States, it might be possible to cross off the “phone bill” on your list of costs to consider.

The pure-cloud business communications company, Dialpad, recently announced that they would be offering their feature-rich service, Dialpad Free to small companies that have fewer than five employees to support. The company is delivering this option as part of their quest to Kill the Desk Phone, ensuring that everyone can have access to great-quality, cloud-based communications.

The Evolution of Dialpad Free

You might have heard of Dialpad Free before today, when it was available to the Google G Suite subscribers within the Bay Area. Originally launched in December, Dialpad Free is simply a sub offering of Dialpad’s larger, award-winning service for cloud communications. It’s designed to provide users with exceptional office phone services wherever they might be. The system comes with a range of fantastic features, including:

  • HD Calling
  • Voicemail and call recording
  • Professional IVR
  • 100 outbound minutes per month
  • 100 outbound and inbound SMS
  • Free Subconference
  • Video calling for Dialpad users
  • Call analytics and logs

Starting now, new subscribers all around the United States will be able to use either the Dialpad Open Signup service, or Office 365 to begin authenticating a free phone service without the need for desktop hardware.

Accessibility for Everyone

CEO and co-founder of Dialpad, Craig WalkerAccording to the CEO and co-founder for Dialpad, Craig Walker, the Open Sign Up authentication feature, and the integration of Office 365 should mean that Dialpad services are available to every small business with fewer than five employees around the country. For smaller companies, the phone bill could soon be gone forever!

The people behind Dialpad believe that even the smallest company should be able to access the most powerful and innovative systems for communication through the cloud, without having to worry about costs. The Dialpad Free service will eliminate the phone bill and make it easier for companies to remain competitive in any space.


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[…] The desk phone killers from San Fran continue to disrupt the market by offering a free cloud phone system to the masses. Recently Dialpad acquired TalkIQ an AI company to further enhance their […]

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