Star2Star Makes UCaaS Solution Citrix Ready

Star2Star's UCaaS offering is ready for Citrix

Star2Star Makes UCaaS Solution Citrix Ready

Leading provider of communication solutions for businesses around the world, Star2Star, recently announced an exciting new update to its UCaaS solution. Currently, Star2Star is one of the most highly commended companies in the UCaaS environment, appearing in various industry reports over the last couple of years. The company is the world’s only provider of a Full Spectrum Communications solution, and it’s also a Master Citrix Service Provider too.

In Star2Star’s most recent press release, the business announced that the Application Framework and StarPhone Desktop solutions are now certified as “Citrix Ready.” The Citrix Ready programme identifies a range of solutions that are trusted by the Citrix team to enhance the Delivery Centre Infrastructure. The products featured in this list have all completed thorough verification testing, ensuring that they can deliver an advanced combined solution.

Joining the Citrix Ready Programme

Citrix ReadyThe Citrix Ready programme was designed to ensure that customers could quickly and easily identify some of the most effective complementary solutions and products that are ideal for Citrix environments. Going forward, customers will be able to rest assured that their Star2Star UCaaS solutions are ready for action with Citrix. The tools have already passed a series of stringent tests established by the Citrix team, which means that they can be trusted to work with the StarDaaS solution powered by Citrix Workspace.

With Star2Star, customers can access a range of comprehensive virtual desktop capabilities that are integrated with the Citrix Workspace solutions. StarDaas offers users in the Star2Star community a secure and reliable virtual workspace that includes access to all critical business applications as well as support for virtual desktops. There’s also the option to integrate with the Star2Star Application Framework and the StarPhone for desktop too. This advanced compatibility means that users can leverage their Star2Star UC system as part of their complete virtual workspace environment through Citrix, for enhance portability, security, and flexibility.

Celebrating the Latest Achievement

Michelle Accardi

Michelle Accardi

Currently, the Star2Star StarDaaS solution is the only offering that successfully integrates with a unified communication system. This provides access to comprehensive workflow support on any device. As a partner in the Citrix Ready program, Star2Star is thrilled to be able to offer customers the intelligent solutions they need to combine the StarPhone for Desktop and Application Framework products with the StarDaaS product.

The President and Chief Revenue Officer of Star2Star, Michelle Accardi, said that the offering demonstrates the company’s plans to work hand-in-hand with trusted partners, through the Citrix Ready ecosystem, to provide the highest quality of experience for their customers.


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