TelcoSwitch Kicks Off M&A Plans with OneVoice

CFO Paul Lansman talks to UC Today

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TelcoSwitch Kicks Off M&A Plans with OneVoice

TelcoSwitch’s acquisition of OneVoice is the “first of many” as it kicks off it’s 2021 M&A growth strategy, according to CFO Paul Lansman.

The UC provider announced today that it has purchased the cloud-based hosted telephony platform for an undisclosed fee from Worcester-based Microsoft Teams specialist Qunifi. 

The acquisition comes shortly after the firm announced a £4m cash injection. 

Speaking toUC Today, Lansmansaid part of the rationale behind the deal was to bolster TelcoSwitch’s client base in the hospitality sector. 

“The easiest way to describe what we’re doing is buying customer bases,” he said. 

We want to get customers on our platform so we can upsell and get them on our recurring contracts which creates value”

“Strategically there was a gap in our products around hospitality which is one area where we wanted to acquire that customer base. 

OneVoice is an open-source cloud telephony platform that integrates with Teams.

As part of the acquisition, the OneVoice base of resellers will migrate to become TelcoSwitch channel partners. 

Lansman said that this deal will likely be the first of many, revealing that negotiations with two other business are currently ongoing. 

“One of those is for specialist technology and the other is a complementary hosted telephony solution, he revealed. 

“These acquisitions have to be additive from an EBITDA perspective but also a technology perspective, which is key to us. 

We know what we’re looking for in terms of culture, technology, financial profile and customer base so we’re looking forward to adding to the business. 



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