Transforming the Customer Lifecycle with “Powered by BroadSoft”

Powered by BroadSoft now features over 100 global channel partners

Transforming the Customer Lifecycle with “Powered by BroadSoft”

Market leader in the world of /unified-communications/ucaas, CCaaS, and collaboration, BroadSoft recently announced the addition of strategies for managing “customer lifecycles” in the digital world. These powerful tools include the BroadCloud “Channel Support System”, and three brand-new solutions:

  • BroadSoft Adoption Services
  • BroadSoft Onboarding Services
  • BroadSoft Go-to-Market Services

The “Powered by BroadSoft” initiative launched at last year’s BroadSoft Connections conference, and it’s already grown to a significant size, supporting around 116 channel partners around the world. If nothing else, the success of the BroadSoft solution just goes to show how much demand there is for a portfolio that delivers end-to-end digital journeys, including best-practice techniques to improve onboarding, adoption, and selling activities.

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Simplifying Customer Adoption and Time to Market

According to BroadSoft, the new BroadCloud system for channel support should help to streamline customer experiences for channel partners, while providing ongoing support and marketing assistance when it comes to market adoption. The idea is that a more manageable customer lifecycle will help channel partners to transform everyday prospects into loyal life-long customers. The new services include:

  • BroadSoft adoption services, which include customer support strategies, service assurance, billing options, channel help desks, and reporting/analytics
  • BroadSoft onboarding services, which feature customer training solutions, migration, and installation strategies
  • BroadSoft go-to-market services, which offer help with microsites, digital campaigns, branding, sales enablement, and digital transformation

According to the head of marketing at Gamma, Justin Coombes, the Powered by BroadSoft program allows channel partners to deliver more comprehensive services to their resellers. Apparently, Gamma saw marketing conversion rates two times higher than the industry standard after embracing “Powered by BroadSoft”, along with an increase in their Cloud PBX base of 62%.

Greater Support and Solutions for Channel Partners

Taher Behbehani BroadSoft

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer for BroadSoft, Taher Behbehani

While announcing the latest updates to their channel partner solution at this year’s BroadSoft Connections conference, the brand was thrilled to show their excitement about the expanding platform. According to the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer for BroadSoft, Taher Behbehani, the business is now focusing on growing, acquiring, and maintaining their customer base by placing additional focus on their individual industry needs.

Previously, channel partners needed to build, design, and implement their own solutions for customer lifecycle management. However, today, the SaaS strategy means that partners can access a more reliable end-to-end solution directly from BroadSoft. With this solution, the “Powered by BroadSoft” network could have the opportunity to sell more advanced opportunities to the marketplace, including everything from onboarding, to go-to-market strategy and adoption.


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