How is UC Driving Digital Transformation?

Moving Businesses to the Cloud with Unified Communications

How is UC Driving Digital Transformation?

The market for UCaaS is growing more rapidly than ever before as analysts begin to predict a greater movement of business communications to the cloud environment. Predictions for the actual level of growth that we can expect to see have ranged all the way from around 20% and 25% at annual levels, particularly in the enterprise of medium-sized to larger enterprises. As today’s IT leaders continue developing digital transformation solutions within their groups, UCaaS appears to be the clear route to the future.

Why are We Moving to the Cloud?

While it’s fair to suggest that some companies are making the move to the cloud simply because most other companies are doing, it’s also important to note that UCaaS is becoming crucial for digital transformation. Nobody wants to fall behind when it comes to making business decisions that can drive innovation and keep finances at the right level.

Today’s CIOs are looking for ways to advance their digital transformation solutions, and UCaaS has a crucial part to play. After all, employees expect UCaaS today. Millennials are overtaking the workplace, and constant communication has become a foundation of business collaboration. Messaging needs to blend with other collaboration tools to support teamwork that’s mobile and flexible. That means that chat, video, and voice need to work perfectly to allow people to interact.

If that wasn’t important enough, it’s also worth noting that Cloud has become the new normal for enterprise-level apps. According to a report published in 2016 by IDG, almost 20% of all organisations are planning to make the move to the cloud when it comes to their collaboration solutions this year. Additionally, another 15% are planning to make the move in the next three years. The faster you adapt, the more likely you are to earn a competitive advantage. In fact, research suggests that 10% of enterprises will spend another $10M in cloud computing solutions in 2017 than they did in past years.

All UCaaS isn’t the Same

Keep in mind that collaboration and conferencing tools, and email and messaging solutions are the top two categories for applications that companies are using and migrating into the cloud. However, it’s important not to be fooled by that statistic. If you really want UCaaS to have a huge impact on your business, you need to remember that migration is only the first part of your journey. A sustainable impact on your company means moving to regular use and complete adoption.

In business, any good investment is marked not only by meeting metrics, but also by ensuring that customers and employees are getting value from the new UC systems that you’re using. If you want to boost the long-term benefits of your digital solutions, then you need to keep User Experience (UX) at the centre of your ambitions, and communication needs to stay streamlined.

Today, a move to the world of UCaaS is a good sign that you’re ready to make some changes that are going to lead to real digital transformation.


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