UCaaS Starts with UX

Watch our latest webinar, featuring PGi, which explores the crucial role user experience plays within UCaaS platforms

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This video webinar, bought to you in conjunction with the experts at PGi, looks at UCaaS, unified communications-as-a-service platforms and asks why user experience, UX, plays such a key role in their success. UCaaS platforms, which offer companies a variety of different communication options within a consolidated application, are becoming increasingly popular with companies around the world who are looking to leverage their power to improve communication efficiency and business processes. User experience plays a critical role in the successful deployment of any solution, and in this webinar aims to reveal why.

Key Takeaways

• Understand what UX, user experience, actually is and how it differs from other aspects of UCaaS platforms such as a user interface

• Appreciate the vital connection between user experience and user adoption

• Find out how, and why, UX supercharges the adoption of technology

• Understand why different users benefit from individual user experiences

• Learn why user experience is only going to become even more important in the future as UCaaS solutions advance with the integration of more emerging technologies

UCaaS platforms are becoming the method of choice for modern businesses looking to transform their communication processes. This webinar examines why the user experience provided by any consolidated UC platform is so critical to its successful deployment.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Frank Paterno, VP Carrier Business Development at PGi.

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