Uncover New Insights with Fuze Discover

Fuze delivers deep analysis tool

Uncover New Insights with Fuze Discover

As communication environments grow more complex, today’s businesses are looking to gain a deeper understanding of how their team members connect each day. After all, as valuable as new solutions like collaboration tools, video conferencing and meeting systems can be – they’re only worthwhile if they can deliver measurable productivity and efficiency boosts to your team.

The only way to truly understand how your employees interact is to find a way to explore the data your collaboration and communication systems are collecting every day. Fuze, one of the leading cloud communication and collaboration platform providers today, is offering a deeper overview of this valuable usage information to their clients, through the recent release of “Fuze Discover.”

Learn More about Your Teams

Fuze Discover is an advanced tool designed to provide a deep analysis overview of your collaboration and communication activity in the workplace. The idea is that by giving business leaders a way to see how their people interact every day, Fuze can make it easier to identify and explore workforce trends. The Fuze Discover tool could also help to drive more strategic business initiatives in the future.

This isn’t the first time that Fuze has experimented with the analytics sector. Currently, the Fuze platform comes pre-packaged with “Fuze View” – previously known as Fuze Data. Fuze View offers a snapshot of the weekly and daily activities of your business users so that you can gain real-time insight into usage patterns. Fuze Discover will built upon these existing capabilities, with detailed activity visualisations, trend recognition and custom reporting.

It’s also possible to interactively explore details about communication activity in the Fuze Platform.

Fuze Discover will be available for general use in the first quarter of 2019.

About Fuze

Fuze is a global provider of cloud communication and collaboration technology. Through an enhanced platform dedicated to unified experiences and simplicity, Fuze provides a seamless way for businesses to transition between messaging, video, and content sharing so that the digital workforce can accomplish exceptional productivity, anytime, anywhere. Fuze has locations throughout Boston, New York, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, and beyond.

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