What is RingCentral Persist?

Patrick Watson

Watch as RingCentral give us the background on their latest innovation, RingCentral Persist


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Presenter Patrick is joined by Curtis Peterson who is SVP of Cloud Operations at RingCentral.

Firstly Curtis explains to Patrick what RingCentral Persist is, as it is one of their latest innovations. The solution enables RingCentral’s enterprise customers to maintain communications services in the event of an internet failure and Curtis explains how. RingCentral Persist will enable customers to maintain communications services including emergency calling, extension-to-extension dialling, and inbound and outbound calling using a cloud controlled appliance.

Along with RingCentral Office, RingCentral Persist will be crucial for enterprise customers who need peace of mind for critical services. Curtis explains that the last mile, in terms of cloud service provision can be exposed, by various factors, and this service acts as an insurance for that.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Curtis Peterson from RingCentral.

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