Introducing RingCentral Persist

A new protection against internet outages

Introducing RingCentral Persist

Leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, RingCentral, has just announced a new solution to help ensure continued service on the cloud in the event of an internet outage. Named “RingCentral Persist,” the solution allows companies to maintain high-level communication services, including emergency calls, outbound, and inbound calling, and extension to extension dialling.

The latest in a vast portfolio of fantastic communication systems, RingCentral Persist, will allow customers greater peace of mind over their communication services, with everything they need for continued customers service. Not only is the system easy to deploy, but it’s designed to offer a seamless experience for end-users too.

Peace of Mind on the Cloud

As organisations continue to move into the cloud, it’s imperative to have uninterrupted access to the communications services required for business consistency. Cloud services that maintain voice and emergency calling capabilities regardless of Internet quality can keep their edge over their competition, with unlimited availability.

Along with RingCentral Office, RingCentral Persist provides users with the benefit of advanced cloud functions and site resiliency when internet outages occur at a customer’s location. Communications capabilities include receiving and making calls, and emergency calls. RingCentral Persist boosts the resiliency of RingCentral’s existing high-availability infrastructure for even the most demanding environments.

What Does RingCentral Persist Do?

According to the Senior Vice President of Product Management for RingCentral, Jose Pastor, Business continuity and safety are essential in enterprise environments. RingCentral Persist will enable customers to continue their communications solutions even when the internet is not available. The Persist solution is easy to provision and manage using the RingCentral portal. This reliable feature will give businesses the consistency they need to continue serving clients no matter what happens in their business.

Jose Pastor

Jose Pastor

In a world where customers are no longer willing to compromise on service, Persist could be the key to separating marketing leaders from their competitors. Features include:

  • Emergency callback and calling: Enables connection to the local PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) through a PSTN connection and routes emergency call-backs in an emergency
  • Extension-to-extension dialling: Extension dialing will function continuously both at customer sites via the PSTN connection, and at the affected site
  • Outbound and inbound calling: Calling external numbers via the PSTN connection will still be possible through RingCentral Persist. The service also allows incoming calls to be directed to specifically designated employees

RingCentral Persist will be available around the world in the second quarter of 2019.

Watch Curtis Peterson of RingCentral talk with Patrick Watson about RingCentral Persist.


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