Unified Communications Market – Get Ready for Ambient Communications

Extract taken from UC Today's Market Guide 2020

Unified Communications Market – Get Ready for Ambient Communications

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For the last couple of years, the UC market has been evolving at a phenomenal speed. That’s something that has remained true as we step into the new decade and 2020. Everywhere we look, “as a service,” concepts are gaining steam. Easily accessible new technology is opening the door to incredible opportunities in everything from customer experience to user productivity.

A New Communication Stack for a New Decade

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Ambient communications represent the data-driven approach to crucial business conversations. We’re living in a world where customers, teams, and users alike all expect more from the businesses that they’re interacting with.

As we head deeper into this new decade, work communication will evolve and accelerate, splitting into various crucial avenues, from intelligent voice to video, instant-messaging and more. Companies that are unable to embrace the latest strategies for interactivity won’t be able to thrive in the new world. Now is the time to evolve, or risk falling behind.

Fortunately, many organisations have already received this message loud and clear. Demand for cloud-delivered communication and collaboration services are on the rise. The threats and changes of COVID-19 will turn the cloud-invested minority into the majority in very little time. Businesses around the globe have been forced to test the benefits of the cloud for themselves, and they see first-hand just how valuable this environment can be.

There’s no turning back. Everywhere we look, employees and business leaders are adapting to this new digital world. It will be difficult to close the door on such a successful new route to productivity.

Aside from the rising demand for cloud and “aaS” technologies, we’re also seeing an increase in collaboration between major players in the industry. Massive partnerships, such as the ones between Avaya and RingCentral, have changed the scope of what’s possible in the communications space.

Additionally, leaders like Microsoft and Cisco are leaving their rivalries behind and working more closely together to serve the needs of various customers. Slack and Cisco can now both provide their own form of interoperability with Microsoft Teams.

Elsewhere, M&A strategies continue, with brands like 8×8 acquiring their own CPaaS business. What’s more, leaders like Slack and Zoom have shown us what’s possible when a forward-thinking collaboration and communication company enters the public market. Europe is rapidly becoming the new hot space for market roll-ups and consolidation.

The Workplace Will Never Be the Same

The arrival of new collaborations between business leaders, sensational disruptive products, and updated technology combined with the growing remote and globalized workforce has changed the business landscape for good.

Video-first communications and collaboration options are rapidly emerging as the only option for successful interaction in this new landscape. At the same time, CCaaS with remote agile workers, AI-powered analytics, and omnichannel opportunities, is delivering the kind of amazing experiences that customers have been demanding for years.

In this new environment, businesses need to be ready and willing to adapt. This means being open to new opportunities, wherever they emerge. For instance, connecting everyone – including frontline workers will be a critical concern for many leading companies. 5G and better mobility will help to keep us all aligned wherever we are.

5G will also help to enhance more game-changing technology in the form of voice-powered smart assistants that respond to our every need, and VR/AR tech that brings new realities into customer conversations.

Looking to the Future

We had a fantastic response at UC Today to our debut virtual expo and conference. UC Summit 2021 will be returning in January 2021. However, if you can’t wait until then for more updates from myself and the team, then you’re in luck.

In the countdown to the new year, we’ll be hosting exclusive events on our new virtual venue, designed to keep you informed in a more immersive way.

I hope you enjoy this year’s Market Guide. Remember to watch this space for more updates and insights from the world of UC, Collaboration and CX technology.

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AvatarVenkat Kandhari 19:37, 23 May 2020

Hi Rob:
We have seen lot of advancements in the UCC technology in the last 5 years, SaaS offerings in CC and UC by many vendors in the market, the COVID-19 forced businesses to accelerate their digital transition journey. With On premise, the companies are locked down to a particular vendor but with Cloud SaaS customers can always switch as they don’t own any Infra in house.

There could be a lot of organizations still in Analog world who never seen a need to modernize but the current situation is pushing them to transform

We are witnessing a true open networks era now with vendors collaborating to provide integrations and interoperability

5G adoption will truly open up many opportunities and will help businesses to be even more productive


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