Unify Updates Comms Platform for Midsized Companies

Openscape Enterprise Express

Unify Updates Comms Platform for Midsized Companies

Unify has announced an updated version of it’s UC software platform for mid-sized businesses.

Openscape Enterprise Express is now on its ninth version. It is marketed to mid-sized businesses as a way of reducing the costs in communication and collaboration technology while still offering the  functionality and scalability ambitious companies desire.

The latest version is built around easy to install web applications delivering fast deployment and intuitive use, whilst still offering high spec productivity and communications functions. New users and network branches are easy to add, drastically reducing time and costs in adding new services.

It promises to cut communications costs for mid-sized businesses by up to 50 per cent.

Luiz Domingos, head of product development at Unify, said:

“Our roadmap is aggressive in delivering solutions for companies of all sizes who are managing their communications and collaborations solutions in an increasingly complex business environment.

“We spend a lot of time understanding the unique needs of midsize companies and OpenScape Enterprise Express v9 delivers the all-in-one solution that fast growing, innovative companies require to be competitive.”

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