Vyopta has Launched its New European Cloud

Vyopta’s makes further expansion into Europe with its new cloud extension

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Published: March 4, 2022

James Stephen

Technology Journalist

Vyopta has launched a dedicated European Union Cloud as it looks to expand this side of the Atlantic.  

According to Vyopta, a leading car manufacturer, a technology consultancy firm, and organizations from government, healthcare, finance, and other industries have already enrolled to use their new European cloud.  

Vyopta already has an office in the UK and offers worldwide customer service support.  

The firm, which has an office in the UK, claims to have already signed businesses across the automobile, technology, healthcare, finance and public sector verticals.  

Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta, said:  

“As we continue to support and expand our client base in Europe, we want to ensure that they are confident we can support secure data residency needs.”

“We chose to house the Vyopa EU Cloud in Germany because of their well-known high-security standards.”

Vyopta, which provides UC analytics and room insights, already has two similar cloud networks in the US: FedRAMP Security Authorized commercial clouds. FedRAMP enables Vyopta to provide business for federal agencies and regulated companies.  

Vyopta states it has hundreds of organizations worldwide across over 20 industries that monitor six million endpoints and rack up more than ten billion meeting minutes per year. 

Vyopta’s European cloud comes after a significant technological evolution in their Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) which now supports Google Meet, Cisco Microsoft and Zoom. Last year, Vyopta added some big clients, such as Oracle Acme Packet, and they helped 40 million people worldwide with nine million issues resolved.




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