A Whole New World: tekVizion Sets its Sights on Global Expansion

tekVizion reveal their plans for EMEA and APAC expansion

A Whole New World: tekVizion Sets its Sights on Global Expansion
Simon Richards

Simon Richards, MD for EMEA and APAC, tekVizion

A company known for their commitment to exceptional testing and certification practices, tekVizion have been helping to accelerate efficiency within connected businesses for over 16 years. Today, this privately-owned venture has set its sights on global growth, with the development of labs, presence, and support throughout EMEA and APAC.

Simon Richards, the MD for the APAC and EMEA region sat down to share his vision with me, and explain where the company is headed in the future.

Tell Us About the Upcoming Expansion into APAC and EMEA

Simon told me that the founders behind tekVizion are both engineers with a solid understanding of technology. They realised that the more essential tech became in the modern world, the more important it was to test and verify every part of the journey before presenting it to the end-user.

“We started life with a focus on creating better experiences for end customers, developing a huge relationship with Microsoft, and Cisco, as well as connections with many other companies like Ribbon (formerly Sonus), Unify, BroadSoft, and Avaya too.”

Though tekVizion began as a predominantly North-American business, the expansion has been a very natural process for them:

“We own about 90% of the top PBXs used globally, and from that we’ve grown a huge customer base of vendors and service providers. However, we need to start putting resources in EMEA and APAC to support customers who want local, best-in-class support in those areas.”

What Kind of Customers Do You Serve?

In the wake of the expansion, I was interested to learn what kinds of customers tekVizion would be reaching out to around the globe. Simon told me that their current primary customers are vendors and service providers, followed up by the partner ecosystem.

“We’re just starting to look at the channel too, but one area we haven’t entered yet is enterprise. The one vertical we have chosen to examine is financial services, and that’s simply because we have FS specialists already in the company.”

“Of course, the trading floor is a critical area for testing, particularly with regulations like GDPR starting to close in on everyone. We can automate testing for financial companies, to make sure that everything’s working as it should be for compliance, with the On Point service.”

Is There Anyone Else Doing What You Do?

I asked Simon whether there were similar offerings in the marketplace today, and he told me that though he was reluctant to say tekVizion were the only brand on the planet to offer such solutions, he does believe that they’re particularly unique.

“We’re one-of-a-kind in our history, our relationships, our customer base, and the things we deliver. I think it would be a challenge to find a company that can offer the same experience that we provide. We’re unique.”

Simon went on to say that the expansion is simply an organic progression for tekVizion, after a course of constant growth year-over-year. “There’s clearly a market opportunity and need for our services in EMEA and APAC, and we want to be able to offer our services properly.”

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Additionally, tekVizion’s strong relationships with Cisco and Microsoft place them in a perfect position to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest Teams announcement, and the recent potential acquisition between Cisco and BroadSoft.

“There’s a huge turning point in the future with Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution, now that everyone’s moving to the cloud. There’s a lot of things that need to be done manually which we can automate to make life easier for our customers.”

What’s Coming Up Next In 2018?

Simon told me that tekVizion see 2018 as the “explosion year” for HCS. He believes that it’s one of the key technologies that will drive the brand forward in coming months.

“HCS in the cloud is a game changer, and the benefits that we can offer providers using the system are huge. That, and SD-WAN is another big area. I’d say that those two are the biggest drivers for us now, and then you’ve got SIP and SIP trunking continue to grow too, so we’ve got plenty of areas where we can continue to offer new forms of value to our customers.”


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