Zoomtopia Partner Connect 2022 Highlights

A look at the past year of Zoom’s partner programs plus new announcements

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Last Edited: November 11, 2022

James Stephen

Technology Journalist

Zoomtopia Partner Connect 2022 touched on innovations to Zoom’s partner programs from the past year with some new announcements revealed too. 

Highlights from Zoom’s partner conference this year include the Zoom Up Partner Program, extended services and support, partner differentiation opportunities, and expanded investments. 

Zoomtopia Partner Connect began on the second day of the company’s sixth annual conference to celebrate its partners, release news, and share insights into its behind-the-scenes program and investment plans. Partner Connect sessions took place for the Americas on November 9th, and they are due to take place on November 18th for EMEA, APAC, and Japan. 

Todd Surdey, Head of Global Channels and Business Development at Zoom, said: “As we look ahead, we’re guided by one main principle, a North Star to chart our path forward: partner centricity.  

“Partner centricity means that partners are at the core of our go-to-market and product launch strategy, guiding where we focus our time and resources. 

“It means that we plan to continue investing in the ease of doing business — focusing efforts on partner profitability and value exchange, as well as building a partner-centric culture. And it means enabling partners to sell a holistic platform, not just a product. 

Innovation Highlights 

Zoom Up Partner Program: The Zoom Up Partner Program launched in March this year with the purpose of simplifying, improving, and rewarding business partnerships with Zoom through one integrated architecture. The program has been built around educating and raising awareness for partners through training solutions. It has also expanded its in-person resources across different regions to offer more support. 

The Partner Advisory Council is a key part of the Zoom Up program, which meets in person on a regular basis to talk about new ways of making partners a central to program designs and strategy. 

Extended services and support: Zoom says it is working to equip it partners with the tools and resources they need to deliver meaningful customer experiences. Zoom Professional Services (PSO) is a reselling capability which is now available to its partners. Partners are also offering their own support and services, as well as a joint Zoom and partner initiatives. 

Zoom announced it is building processes and customer solutions which involve multiple partners, whether it is for technical support, phone, or contact centre. Solutions won’t compete on the entire account, but just across specialities. 

Partner differentiation opportunities: To celebrate the contributions its partners make, Zoom is implementing an open platform for regional user groups of customers, partners, and sponsors to discuss anything and everything related to Zoom. There are also new opportunities for partners and individuals that deliver excellent customer experiences, grow their capabilities, and garner awareness for Zoom in the marketplace. 

Expanded investments: Zoom is expanding its investments in demand generation through increased market development funds (MDFs), brand recognition, and adding new people to its team. Other growth initiatives include new marketing platforms and tools to make it easier for partners to utilise resources and increase revenue. A ‘Deal Coach’ provides partners with marketing and sales collateral, using their deal registrations. Finally, a ‘Partner Video Center’ provides access to a partner-ready video and content enablement shop. This interactive hub, which also translates videos into multiple languages, is available in the Zoom Partner Portal. 

Partner Successes 

Some of the Zoom partner highlights this year include growing Zoom Phone coverage through the expansion of the Cloud Peering Program and the global availability of Zoom Phone Native. 

Over 19,000 individuals have earned accreditations through the Zoom Up Partner Program this year. 

The channel now represents 30% of Zoom’s non-online bookings worldwide, which is a 50% increase compared to this time last year. Partners also make up more than 32% of Zoom Phone orders. 

Zoom’s global customer reach and partner numbers are continually growing with distributors added including First Distribution, DMOA, Redington MENA, and TD Synnex. The latter, TD Synnex, also recently formed a strategic partnership with CallTower to develop business growth for Microsoft and Cisco resellers. 

Zoom has given awards to some of its outstanding partners, which include Avant, Global Partner Winner of the Year, Palo Alto Networks, Alliance Partner of the Year, Prezi, ISV Integration Partner of the Year, and GLG, ISV Embed Partner of the Year. 

Platform Announcements 

Zoom’s president, Greg Tomb, announced new releases and future plans for its platform, which add value to its partner offerings.  

The standout platform announcements, from a unified communications perspective, are the additions of email and calendar services. Users will no longer need to leave Zoom to access their email and calendar as popular email and calendar services will be integrated directly into the Zoom meeting application. They will be able to quickly access their communications and scheduling and get their work done more efficiently. 

Cari Dick, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zoom Platform, said: “We are taking a big step forward to help users across the tools they need every day, directly in the Zoom App.  

“A recent study in Harvard Business Review found that employees spend almost 4 hours a week reorienting themselves after toggling between appointments. This wasted time switching between apps really adds up.  

“We are helping to eliminate this toggle tax by bringing critical productivity tools right into the Zoom App, front and centre, by giving users the ability to access their email and calendar, alongside team chat meetings, phone, and whiteboard. Zoom reduces wasted time and enables users to focus on their work.  

“That is why we are excited to announce today the next step in our platform evolution: the private beta of new productivity tools, Zoom Mail and calendar with Zoom Mail and calendar clients.” 

As well as the launch of email and calendar, Zoom is also releasing Zoom Spots, Zoom Virtual Agent, Zoom IQ Virtual Coach, Zoom for Creators, Zoom Kiosk, Zoom Contact Center integrations, Zoom Developer Platform updates, and enhancements for Zoom Team Chat and Zoom Phone.



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