GoTo Launches GoPilot AI Assistant for Resolve Platform

GoTo says it's the 'first AI assistant for end-to-end IT management and support'

GoTo Launches GoPilot AI Assistant for Resolve Platform
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Published: February 23, 2024

Kieran Devlin

GoTo is launching GoPilot, an AI assistant for its Resolve platform, to enhance and simplify IT management.

In what the business describes as the “first AI assistant for end-to-end IT management and support”, GoPilot provides a holistic overview of endpoints, streamlines diagnostics through automation, assists users in issue resolution, and continuously learns to anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions proactively. This solution is empowered by advanced data, text and visual processing models to inform its processes.

Olga Lagunova, Chief Product and Technology Officer at GoTo, commented:

GoPilot is the latest addition to GoTo Resolve’s AI features that have already enhanced the agent and end-user experience with time-saving tools such as AI script creation and self-service resolution recommendations. With GoPilot, we’re giving IT teams more time and resources to focus on the tasks that truly matter – like scaling and securing their business and supporting their employees.”

GoPilot integrates OpenAI’s API platform and a GoTo-owned AI stack to produce its AI assistant. This innovation streamlines daily operations by automating tasks like system diagnostics and patch updates, opening up resources for strategic projects.

Additionally, GoPilot uses conversational prompts, enabling agents of all levels to tackle complex issues without requiring command knowledge, and it can continuously identify, resolve, and preempt endpoint issues.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce the market’s first end-to-end IT management and support AI assistant to GoTo Resolve customers and to introduce even more AI innovations across GoTo’s solutions in the coming months,” Lagunova added.

GoTo Pilot’s Feature Set in Detail

The solution can streamline device diagnostics. This entails automated data collection and analysis from all network devices, including resource usage and update status, enabling real-time identification of inefficiencies or risks.

GoTo Pilot also includes live AI translations of languages on the end user screen to enhance communication for agents and overcome language barriers, accelerating resolution times. GoTo Pilot removes note-taking and recaps by introducing automatic background screenshot capturing and analysis during support sessions. Agents can concentrate on providing assistance as GoPilot generates live notes and summarizes actions taken.

To simplify patch management, GoPilot automatically identifies missing updates, providing a direct link to the relevant solution page with flagged devices and updates preselected. Agents can then patch all devices with a simple press.

Lastly, coming soon, agents will be able to enhance automation with GoPilot, enabling automatic scanning, detection, and resolution of issues to mitigate future risks and allocate more time for IT teams.

A Busy Start to 2024 for GoTo

Earlier this month, GoTo announced the launch of a debt exchange offer after raising $100 million in new capital.

Certain lenders collectively invested $100 million with the closing of the debt exchange, with GoTo saying this illustrates their confidence in the company.

As well as the debt exchange closing with significant funds, all revolving lenders unanimously agreed to extend the timeframe on GoTo’s $250 million revolving credit facility for over two years, strengthening the Company’s liquidity position.

Last month, former CFO Veldran replaced Paddy Srinivasan as CEO, overseeing the company’s finances while implementing its growth strategy. Srinivasan was GoTo CEO for almost ten years before leaving to become the CEO of Digital Ocean.

Veldran joined GoTo as its CFO over three years ago and was reportedly critical in achieving GoTo’s aim of “making IT easy”, with a CV illustrating over 30 years of experience as a strategy, finance, and operations leader for Dun & Bradstreet, ADP, and Procter & Gamble.

2023 Was GoTo’s Year of AI

Last March, GoTo improved its UCC and IT segments by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its GoTo Customer Engagement and GoTo Resolve products.

The business launched an early availability look at its beta ChatGPT message assistant for its new GoTo Customer Engagement solution to support message writing and campaign creation, improve customer response speed, and save time for employees. Additionally, a ChatGPT integration into GoTo Resolve eases the generation and running of IT automation scripts to boost employee productivity.

In October, GoTo announced a range of new features for GoTo Resolve and Connect, encompassing AI and security updates, to address the needs of the evolving digital workplace.

These included improved security and compliance capabilities for customers’ critical IT management tools, better integrated and more navigable workflows, AI-powered and automated tasks, and more efficient ways to serve customers across any device.

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