Yamaha UC Introduces Innovation at ISE 2019

Yamaha UC unveils new meeting experience

Yamaha UC Introduces Innovation at ISE 2019

Yamaha UC, the audio and video conferencing brand of Yamaha, recently introduced a new strategy to help them transform the way that their users work and interact. During Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) between the 5th and 8th of February, Yamaha will be showcasing their new line-up of unified communication solutions for the meeting and collaboration environment.

In a press release about the upcoming showcase, Yamaha representatives said that they believe flexibility and ease-of-use are just as important as clear and natural audio in meeting and collaboration settings. The Director of EMEA for Yamaha UC, Philip Stanley said that today’s businesses need to provide their employees with the solutions they need to collaborate anywhere. During ISE 2019, Yamaha UC plans to demonstrate how flexible the meeting space can be.

The Home Office & Open Workspace

Yamaha plans to showcase its UC solutions through four settings, starting with the Home Office or Open Workspace. As more people continue to embrace the possibilities of meeting and working remotely, Yamaha will be using the ISE 2019 stage to demonstrate the potential of their YVC-200 Portable Speakerphone, equipped with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The device offers a highly portable audio meeting solution that can go anywhere with the user.

The YVC-200 is integrated with the leading sound-processing tech pioneered by Yamaha, including adaptive echo cancellation, which removes background noise, while clarifying human voices. There’s even full-duplex conversation available.

The Huddle Room

The next setting where Yamaha plans to showcase the potential of their technology is in the Huddle Room. The Yamaha CS-700 video collaboration system is explicitly designed to take advantage of smaller meeting spaces, providing users with a high-quality experience capable of optimising video, audio, and collaboration capabilities through a single wall-mounted unit.

The device comes with a beam-forming array of adaptive virtual microphones built-in to help businesses capture communication more accurately, along with four enhanced Yamaha speaker elements for a higher degree of intelligibility during conversations. There’s also an HD wide-angle camera to support video conferencing. The CS-700 management system supports remote deployment and management.

Multipurpose or Large Conference Room

Yamaha is prepared to support any shape or size of conference room with their UC collection this year. With the Yamaha YVC-1000 conference phone, they plan to show larger conference rooms how they can expand their capabilities beyond the traditional speakerphone with a full-range speaker unit for exceptional audio comprehension.

ISE Amsterdam 2019

The YVC-1000 can support an additional two extra speakers for bigger spaces, as well as up to 5 microphones chained together. What’s more, you can pair your Yamaha device with other microphone systems using an input jack to allow for greater scalability across bigger meeting rooms. The auto-tune setup combined with plug-and-play simplicity means that participants can get started with audio experiences that are optimised to suit the place in question.

The Boardroom

Finally, as UC applications begin to move into the boardrooms, Yamaha is ready to prepare their users with the technology and equipment they need to support a sophisticated platform. During ISE 2019, attendees will be able to discover how Yamaha is solving the latest challenges in the boardroom with a professional audio system that’s ready to install out-of-the-box and capable of integrating with a range of UC applications.

The complete Boardroom system comes with an eight-channel wireless microphone package, as well as Dante-enabled speaker arrays, two PoEs, and a digital signal processor, among other features. When connected to a UC system through a USB capable, the service will take advantage of the Yamaha AEC algorithms to deliver exceptional audio throughout the boardroom.

Be sure to visit ISE 2019 this year to learn more about the Yamaha UC portfolio.

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 12:42, 28 Jan 2019

Lots of Collaboration tools to see at ISE again this year, we’ll be there, hope to see you there, too!

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