New BlueJeans Agreement Equals 5G Mobile Conferencing

Moshe Beauford

Developers leverage advanced 5G networks & mobile devices to deliver a unique user experience

New BlueJeans Agreement Equals 5G Mobile Conferencing

Samsung, Verizon, and Blue Jeans teamed up to create a new video business application for teams and enterprise users. First announced at Samsung’s annual Developer Conference, the new collaborative effort will be available exclusively via the latest Samsung Galaxy devices.

The innovative solution brings together the intelligent video conferencing services of BlueJeans along with the power of Verizon’s 4G LTE / 5G Ultra Wideband Networks. The trio says the proposition is a “low cost yet a high-quality alternative to team collaboration.” BlueJeans Chief Product Officer, Guillaume Vives, shared in a recent interview with UC Today:

“With the performance, scalability, and absence of latency, 5G has the potential to become a new global enterprise network. The current separation of LAN/WAN could be replaced by one 5G network. Any employee devices (mobile and laptop, but also conference room equipment) become connected on the same network”

Leaning on Verizon’s 5G Experience

The fact that the new partnership leverages 5G is forward-thinking, although 5G does have limitations in most US cities. According to a recent Washington Post report, the US currently faces a lot of limitations when it comes to the bandwidth available for 5G, but Verizon said they don’t foresee any issue with its rollout of 5G. Verizon’s Director of Corporate Communications, Kevin King added: “We’re still in the very early days of 5G. We launched the world’s first commercial 5G mobility service with a commercially available handset seven months ago, so this technology is still new to customers.”

He added, they are continuing to aggressively build and expand its 5G network. So far, Verizon’s 5G-enabled 15 US cities in 2019 alone, and say they plan to have service in “at least 15 more by the end of this year. He told me, they’ll continue to build they’re 5G network in 2020 and beyond.”

According to Vives, BlueJeans believe the partnership will have a big impact on the industry and have far-reaching implications for what it means to collaborate. He added the partnership with Verizon, Samsung, and Bluejeans proves that high-definition video conference experiences on mobile devices at scale are possible.

“We also deployed the Samsung Dex to conference rooms and were able to experience how a mobile worker can transition from mobile to a conference room and vice versa – supporting the natural flow of today’s knowledge worker”

A Major Improvement for BlueJeans

Before the partnership, BlueJeans relied on selfie mode for smartphone video conferencing. With the new solution, enterprise users can have access to far more savvy cameras. They can now use the ultrawide, rear-facing 123° field of view lenses to capture an entire meeting room.

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband Network does its job by extending vast improvements in download speeds and data to further enhance the current enterprise collaboration experience.

All this, accompanied by crisper HD video and audio quality for meetings in partnership with Dolby Voice™. The solution is so powerful, it can even reduce background noise, giving it the potential to become a massive game-changer for enterprise communications and a growing mobile workforce.

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