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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – More Software in 2019 from Logitech

During Microsoft Ignite we caught up with Logitech to get an update on the event, their year so far and their future plans

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – More Software in 2019 from Logitech

Patrick was joined by special guest Joan Vandermate, Head of Marketing, Collaboration Business Unit at Logitech.

As this was recorded during Microsoft Ignite in September Patrick firstly ask Joan how the event has been going for them. As usual it has been incredibly busy for them as Ignite is one of the biggest events in the Logitech calendar.

Joan and Patrick then move on to review the last 12 months, Joan explains that they have released several new products. Meetup has been one of their most successful launches as it addresses as real demand in the huddle room space.

In terms of the trends impacting Logitech, Joan tells Patrick that the general move in the industry towards cloud platforms is massively advantageous to Logitech.

“Everything in the cloud makes deploying video on large scale much more affordable because you don’t have to invest in a tonne of on premises infrastructure.”

As well as the move to cloud Logitech are also seeing a cultural move towards the open office which, in turn, is creating more demand for meeting room solutions so that organisations can communicate and collaborate more easily via video. The consumer demand for video has driven the demand within the enterprise, but requirements for security and compliance are obviously critical and Logitech are ensuring their solutions can enable video communication without comprising in other areas.

Joan explains that Logitech’s history in the USB peripheral space has huge relevance for them in the communication and collaboration industry. “You know a Logitech mouse is going to work with any PC, on any operating system. You are just going to plug it in and it is automatically going to be recognised and we bring that same type of approach to the video conferencing space.”

The main focus areas for Logitech into 2019 will be to continue develop their partnerships with companies, like Microsoft, but also to continue their development in terms of new products. Joan explains to Patrick that Logitech’s rapid development and release schedule is a real difference for them over their competitors. As well as more hardware products Logitech will be placing focus more and more on software development.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Joan Vandermate of at Logitech.

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