Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – StarLeaf, a Partner You Can Rely On

Patrick is joined by StarLeaf in this episode of Out Loud to take a look at the video conferencing industry and how the year has developed for them

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – StarLeaf, a Partner You Can Rely On

Patrick was joined by special guest William MacDonald from StarLeaf.

William explains how quickly things are moving in the video conferencing space. StarLeaf are determined to make their platform as simple and intuitive to use as possible. StarLeaf have added a host of new features to their platform to try and enhance user experiences as much as possible, but William appreciates making a great solution is more complex than just having great technology.

“It’s more than just a user interface that makes meetings good, they have to be reliable and they have to be high quality.”

StarLeaf are very keen to enable interoperability for their customers. William explains that their platform will allow participants to join other conferencing platforms. Reliability and data sovereignty are also big focuses for StarLeaf. “So having our data centres in the same countries as are users are, that’s really important to them.”

Reliability has also been an area where StarLeaf have really invested, but with four nines up-time it hasn’t been an area that is required very often.

William also recognises the huge migration that is taking place within the Microsoft world where more and more customers are moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. StarLeaf have various solutions designed specifically to enhance the experience of Microsoft Teams. “Customers are looking for a partner they can really rely on, who is going to be there for the long haul.”

Finally Patrick ask William about the next 12 months and which areas StarLeaf will be targeting. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a huge area of enhancement and StarLeaf will be utilising some of its benefits to try and enhance the experience and analytics for their customers. They will also be continuing to expand their team with new staff and looking to continue their impressive growth into 2019.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest William MacDonald from StarLeaf.

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