Sauriga: A New Name for Customer Success

Announcing the launch of Sauriga

Sauriga: A New Name for Customer Success

In the age of digital transformation, where new methods of working appear almost regularly, businesses are frequently investing in new and enhanced technology. With tools for collaboration and integrated communication, organisations can ensure that their people stay connected and productive wherever they are.

However, as any company involved in adopting a new software strategy will know, there’s more to implementing new technology in the workforce than merely rolling out the latest software. Sometimes, no matter how compelling the programs are, they can still fail to deliver significant results because of issues with adoption.

Fortunately, Sauriga, a company created by the previous CMO of Natilik, Rory Tempest, is here to help. This business was designed from the ground up to help drive end-user adoption in the UC, collaboration, and software space. With a unique framework of behavioural psychology, digital training and change management strategy, Sauriga has the power to eliminate a considerable industry pain point.

Where Did Sauriga Come From?

Designed to tackle the issue of user adoption in various business environments, Sauriga is a compelling new solution in the UC market. According to Rory: “I spent the last 12 years working with a variety of different UC providers, going from starting my trade as a new business sales guide to working as CMO. I’ve been selling to and working with a range of companies.”

“What I saw was that the technology available today can do amazing things in changing the way that people work, but end-user adoption is still an issue”

Tempest told me that no matter how fantastic the technology available is, adoption tends to still be a problem for many companies. People won’t automatically use the tools that their business leaders invest in. As Rory put it, it’s not a technology challenge; it’s a people one.

Sauriga was designed as a customer success agency to work with end customers and partners to drive greater levels of adoption in the collaboration, communication, and software space. “We’ve set about trying to understand why people aren’t using tech. It’s about implementing change at an individual level, rather than a tech level.”

What Kind of Technology Are You Focusing On?

Rory Tempest

Rory Tempest

While Sauriga is currently focusing a lot of their efforts on collaboration and communication adoption, the business also sees broader reaching opportunities too. Rory noted that the company sees a lot of adoption problems in the collaboration space today, where people are deploying multiple software solutions at the same time as part of their UC integration strategy. As such, the Sauriga brand is looking to help agents work together in ways that they haven’t considered before.

“A lot of the strategies that we use are based on working heavily with behavioural psychologists. We provide our solutions based on the idea that not all end-users are ready to adopt technology at the same rate. This means that companies need to understand each person’s susceptibility to change on a deeper level.”

By understanding the “change level” of different people, Sauriga believes that it’s possible to create enterprise-wide communication campaigns and training curriculums that suit a range of individuals. The brand believes that they will be working a lot within collaboration, but they also have a role to play in almost any software adoption environment too.

Is User Adoption a Significant Concern for Companies?

There are many different forms of software in the communication and collaboration market today. As businesses continue to evolve and grow, adoption issues remain to be a significant pain point for many. The return on investment for a service like that offered by Sauriga is substantial.

According to Rory, when the company begins work on a user adoption case, they let the business know that around 16% of their business is going to adopt the tech straight away – probably without any training. However, there will also be another 16% that simply won’t use the tech, no matter what you do. “With hardware changes, adoption wasn’t too much of a consideration. People would come back to work after a hardware system had been refreshed and barely notice the difference. However, software changes ask people to adapt the way that they work. It’s a lot more complicated.”

Tempest noted that adoption will always be crucial to business success when it comes to implementing new tech. Use cases only stack when people are willing to use the platform. “Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses out there that assume if they adopt great technology, people will use it naturally.”

What’s Your Go-to-Market Plan?

Sauriga and Rory already have big plans going forward. Natilik will be a launch partner for the new brand, which is excellent for Sauriga. Natilik has been a Cisco Collaboration Partner for five out of the last 7 years. Additionally, Rory knows a great deal about working with Natilik from his time as a CMO for the company. “They’re great go-to-market routers, and excellent for helping us to take this out to the wider community.”

Going forward, Sauriga wants to be selective about the companies that they work with, but also highly vendor agnostic. Tempest acknowledged that the brand doesn’t want to focus entirely on Cisco strategies; they also see opportunities in other solutions too, like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

“We’re looking in the first year to go to no more than 10 or 15 providers, and we’ll be setting up to operate as a specialist in the channel”

While Sauriga is currently based in London and focusing on UK nationals as its target market, there are bigger opportunities on the horizon in today’s highly globalised world.


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