Spike Raises $5 Million to Make Email Smarter

Spike’s unique approach to email is the reason for its latest round of capital

Spike Raises $5 Million to Make Email Smarter

Founded in 2013, Spike markets itself as ’email reinvented.’ It may not be far off with its claim, as the conversational email app is user-friendly and built for team collaboration. By removing annoying features like subject line, headers, and signatures, Spike clears the clutter, pointing the focus to productivity and conveying a concise message. Through real-time typing alerts, users can stay on top of conversations and know if someone fails to respond via message read receipts. The app also enables voice and video calls, directly from the email app.

Another unique selling point of Spike is its file management system. Users can preview or drag-and-drop files without downloading them. Everything is there, within the message, reducing the time it takes to download files. These real-time capabilities have led to investors taking notice of what Spike is doing.

Similar in design to Facebook Messenger, with the feel of email, Spike offers ‘priority inbox’ which ensures your inbox only presents the most pressing threads first.

Spike raises $5 million dollars

The company recently closed a $5 million dollar round of funding led by Wix, Koa Labs, and NFX, which it plans to use to expand its stronghold among small businesses.

Spike Co-Founder and CEO, Dvir Ben-Aroya said:

“We are at the forefront of reshaping workplace communication, helping people take advantage of their digital identities and communicate in a more modern way, and to be more responsive and efficient with their time”

“Our partnerships with our strategic investors will speed up our outreach to small businesses.”

Wix President and COO, Nir Zohar, echoed Ben-Aroya’s sentiment in a company statement. He said he believes the way people communicate is fundamentally changing and users now demand more features that let them do tasks while collaborating with colleagues and clients. He cited this as the primary reason Wix invested in the Israeli startup.

A viable replacement to email

Dvir Ben-Aroya

Dvir Ben-Aroya

With a focus on productivity, Spike has the power to impact the way we view email. Still, in its early stages, there is a lot of potential for growth.

Spike’s founders seem confident in their offering, providing users with a free account they pay for ‘if they love it,’ according to the website. Free email accounts are equipped with unlimited email accounts, as well as, mobile, desktop, and web use. Users can even send up to 100,000 messages, create up to ten group chats, encrypted emails, voice meetings, video meetings, and benefit from basic email support.

A Spike Pro account is $7.99 each month when billed annually, and $5.99 per month when you select a monthly billing plan.

If the ambitions leaders at Spike can convince any number of the more than 3.8 billion worldwide email users to make the switch, they may prove to be solid competition for Google and Microsoft’s email platforms.


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