Best Team Collaboration Software – Which is most popular for Business?

Compare Team Collaboration Apps – **Opinion Poll Ends July 1st 2017**

Best Team Collaboration Software – Which is most popular for Business?

Team Collaboration – UC’s latest big trend for 2017 without a doubt. I remember the words of Vanilla Ice in his number 1 hit in 1990, he said;

All right stop, Collaborate and listen,
Ice is back with my brand new invention,
Something grabs a hold of me tightly,
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly,
Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know,
Turn off the lights and I’ll glow…!

Was he talking about Team apps? Sounds very much like he was talking about a new invention that grabs hold and never stops even when it’s lights out! 😂

Team Collaboration apps are at a pivotal point in Unified Communications, analysts predict most of the early cloud based adoption will be from small businesses, however in terms of seats/users the mid-market and large enterprises will soon catch up and overtake by 2020.

Best Team Collaboration Software

Team Collaboration Apps – a world of choice

Team Collaboration applications are unifying unified communications by bringing together voice, video, meetings, file sharing and chat into a single, easy to use platform for true collaboration.

Most businesses work in teams, no matter where they are. For businesses seeking true collaborative workforces, this new technology is set to underpin their digital transformation strategies, the benefits are huge from a productivity standpoint.

Cloud communications vendors around the globe are rapidly deploying their team apps, here’s our list of team collaboration software tools for 2017.

Team Collaboration App Reviews

Keep an eye on these apps leading the way in team collaboration software tools for business, click through to read our reviews and leave a comment if you have had a personal experience.

  1. 8×8 Sameroom
  2. Alcatel Lucent Enterprise – Rainbow
  3. Amazon Chime
  4. Avaya Zang Spaces
  5. BroadSoft Team-One
  6. Cisco Spark
  7. Fuze
  8. Google Meet
  9. Microsoft Teams
  10. Mitel MiTeam
  11. RingCentral Glip
  12. Slack
  13. Workplace by Facebook
  14. Unify Circuit

If you’re a vendor and would like to be added to this list please contact us.

Most Popular Team App?

There’s no winner when it comes to comparing team apps due to each organisation’s individual requirements, however to see who’s using which across the globe (because the market reports are scarce at present), we thought we’d ask the audience.

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Latest comments

AvatarMarcelo Orero 04:06, 28 Jun 2017

I use Rainbow every day. It´s a convenient, versatile, effective and very intuitive application.

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Avatargianvero 07:06, 27 Jun 2017

Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise adds all the necessary conferencing and collaboration elements to your telephony system, whatever your telephony system, seamlessly.
what else ?

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AvatarRob Scott 08:06, 26 Jun 2017

Is Slack about to be acquired by Amazon? Makes perfect sense…

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AvatarJean-Luc LEWANDOWSKI 12:06, 23 Jun 2017

Once I tried Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow app, I simply didn’t want to use anything else. It is easy, intuitive, and it really fits my daily business needs. Just great.

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  • AvatarRobert Dawson 10:06, 21 Jun 2017

    Sameroom addresses that issue. I have not had a chance to use it, but did meet one of the developers at a trade show I was at.

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AvatarHelenita 10:06, 20 Jun 2017

I use Unify Circuit every day and I really love it! It’s very easy to use, and makes my job much more productive (from office or working from home). A true combination of all devices and apps in just one tool: chat, call, audio and video conference, swapping from mobile to browser, screen sharing, content sharing, integration with other apps like Google Drive and Box! I really love it!

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AvatarSimon Schouten 12:06, 20 Jun 2017

Fuze,, is also missing from this list. They offer voice, collaboration, contact center, 1 to 1 messaging and team messaging in one single application available worldwide. I use that every day.

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AvatarAndro Heligan 04:06, 19 Jun 2017

It’s clear some companies are trying to game this vote. The author should disqualify those companies who are getting their own employees to vote instead of real people. Easy to tell from IP and location data surely?

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AvatarMuhammad Zafar 12:06, 18 Jun 2017

Rainbow by Alcatel Lucent enterprise:- The best team collaboration software tool for business.

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AvatarRob Scott 01:06, 06 Jun 2017

Having used Microsoft Teams for a while now I find it really slick. The UX is simple to use and nicely integrated with Skype for Business. I hardly use SfB interface now for internal comms. I wonder if Microsoft will phase it out eventually? The only thing Teams is missing for me is the ability to make and receive external PSTN calls via the app..

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AvatarCerny Katerina 01:06, 15 Jun 2017

Discover the easy business grade Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow application on

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AvatarJavier Cruz 08:06, 15 Jun 2017

Nowadays, collaboration needs go further. It’s not only a matter of providing real time collaboration capabilities plus a persistent collaboration environment, it’s also a matter of integrating those capabilities into real business processes and allowing different entities to contribute to that collaboration environment (not only “personas”). Most of those solutions can provide the traditional collaboration capabilities, but only a few have a clear strategy towards providing those business values. Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow provides that.

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AvatarJEAN Philippe 07:06, 15 Jun 2017

best try was Rainbow by Alcatel Lucent enterprise

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AvatarJeff Reynolds 12:06, 15 Jun 2017

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch and Rainbow product families: innovative, extensible and rock-solid. They do it all for a price that crushed the competition.

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AvatarMárcia Th. 03:06, 13 Jun 2017

I use Unify Circuit and I absolutely love it. It is really easy to use, really making our business day-to-day activities more productive. Group or one-on-one chats, video and audio conferencing for several participants, screen share and smooth swapping between mobile and browser are terrific. I can’t see myself anymore working without it.

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AvatarOscar Friend 10:06, 07 Jun 2017

There seems to be only 1 tool that combines real-time sessions with chat, and it looks like Cisco’s Spark.

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AvatarJohn Doe 10:06, 07 Jun 2017

Having used Microsoft Teams for a while now I find it horrible. The UX is confusing to use and isn’t integrated with. I hardly use SfB interface now for internal comms. I wonder if Microsoft will kill it eventually? The only thing Teams is missing for me is the ability to make and receive external PSTN calls via the app..oh and not crash.

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AvatarIan Taylor 03:06, 07 Jun 2017

While I love the idea of Team Collab apps, they are really helpful for chat and keeping everything in one place – what happens when you need to use more than one due to different customers and/or suppliers – it would be helpful if you could use whatever Team Collab app you want at your own end and for it to seamlessly integrate with the package at the other end – a bit like email? 😉

A pipedream or is there some middleware that will do this or am I just adding to my own problem?

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AvatarMatt Lovato 03:06, 06 Jun 2017

This list isn’t complete without More than a few of the apps listed above only offer part of the collaboration workflow, i.e. group chat. A team can’t survive on group chat alone. They still most likely need file sharing (not file sending) and some form of task or project management, and it’s much better to have these features centralized in single platform out of the box rather than through APIs, webhooks, etc.

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AvatarPaula 04:06, 15 Jun 2017

Love Circuit so much that I have blogged about it… a lot!
I truly believe it’s a key reason for loving my job!

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  • AvatarKarina 09:09, 17 Sep 2018

    I haven’t tried Samepage, but I’m on the same page with you that the list could have a couple of positions more 😉 I’d add . It’s a great tool that is so easy to use that every business will benefit from implementing it.

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AvatarChris 07:01, 03 Jan 2018

I use ChatWork and I believe that they were a pioneer in this field and should be included here.

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AvatarJade 01:08, 25 Aug 2017

Improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration in business meetings with this online agenda business meeting tool. Love your ideas on using online business tools.

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AvatarDivya 12:07, 20 Jul 2017

Great list. I’d like to suggest ProofHub for collaboration, ProofHub makes it easier to share and discuss ideas across the entire team. Moreover, it serves as a simple business management software with task management features.

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AvatarWhich Team App is BEST for #Collaboration? – ARE YOU MANAGING YOUR ONLINE REVIEWS? 03:07, 15 Jul 2017 Reply to this comment
AvatarDivya 02:07, 13 Jul 2017

Great list.
I’d like to add ProofHub in your list of best project management tools. It is an online project management and collaboration tool that comes with integrated Group chat, quick Discussions on projects, Workflows and boards, Project reports and many more powerful features. Document (e.g. Excel, Powerpoint) uploading and sharing is supported, along with an integrated an Online proofing tool to aid in image and document review.
Take a look at

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AvatarRob Scott 09:07, 03 Jul 2017

We have a winner _ Alcatel Lucent Enterprise – Rainbow

Thank you for voting!

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AvatarRahmat 04:07, 03 Jul 2017

It should be Rainbow from Alcatel Lucent.

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AvatarRicky Satria 11:07, 02 Jul 2017

Of course it should be Rainbow, it provides everything business need. It has good user interfaces and complete features thus it make seamless information and save time to operate. Excellent.

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AvatarRicky Satria 11:07, 02 Jul 2017

Of course it should be Rainbow, it provides everything business need. It is easy, efficient and complete.

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AvatarMco 08:07, 01 Jul 2017

I think Rainbow is more than yet another UC app. What makes it différent is that where others are focusing on collaboration only , Rainbow focues on user efficiency first and this is important in the enterprise world. It is integrating with the businesses of tjrs company. It brings what user needs and what the company requires.. love it.

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  • AvatarMarc 11:07, 01 Jul 2017


    I am an Alcatel employee. In ALPHA user support team. Not in marketing.

    And I vote my product RAINBOW as one of the best FUTUR application for COLLABORATION.

    WHY ?

    Because we have produced a COLLABORATION SOLUTION call OPENTOUCH.

    Everyday we are using Opentouch clients from our PC or Mac (application or browsers) or Smartphone (Android or IOS) or Tablet (IPAD or Android)

    Theses tools have found a Graphical Interface that is User friendly. With Opentouch WEB client, you can share documents, desktop and conference call with or without video calls with your external clients (people not in your company)

    The RAINBOW solution is born after the OPENTOUCH solution which is a collaboration model tool. RAINBOW Ergonomy will be greater and based on previous experience. Today, we are also using it everyday at office as a “TCHAT” and “SOFT CALL” application.

    I hope you can understand that we are not as big as Microsoft, so it’s important that you are warn that a NEW solution is coming on collaboration tools for enterprise.

    SO if evaluation is only support by users, why not take into account enterprise users ?
    This will also give you a feedback about user’s motivation for their product.

    The Rainbow business model is based on pay per used, we hope that’s will be your expectation.

    Today, rainbow is free to test. Look at

    Best regards


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  • AvatarRob Scott 05:06, 19 Jun 2017

    Hi Andro

    Thank you for your message. The purpose of the opinion poll is to see who’s using which team collaboration software application so vendor voting is allowed.

    We are monitoring the votes for authenticity and will disqualify any votes (or vendor) that are considered automated or bogus.

    Hope that helps

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  • AvatarMarquiños SIlva 01:06, 29 Jun 2017

    Microsoft, Google and Cisco have more than 50K employees, so they should lead this challenge…. Why they are not? 😉

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  • AvatarMarquiños SIlva 01:06, 29 Jun 2017

    Fuse is on the list…take a look! 4% for now

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AvatarBill 07:06, 30 Jun 2017 can drive integrated platforms. Working with Alcatel-Lucent to release one of the onely voice plug ins for SKype for Business integrations on the market . Delivering a true voice platform to manage communications in the company while taking advantage of the Skype services.

Rainbow as an offering below is another platform they turn to. Excellent interface and options available in the base free lisc. Integrations to several CPE PBX and cloud platforms are currently available, with more announced for second half of ’17

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AvatarChristophe 05:06, 30 Jun 2017

Every day I’m using Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent on my PC or on my mobile phone.
No problems if you want to install it. Excellent tool if you wish to be connected to your colleagues, your Partners and don’t forget to create some bulles …
Transfering a document is so easy … No limit size. Video and Voice are so cool.Remember or be careful : try it is to adopt it. Every day I’m using Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent on my PC or on my mobile phone.
No problems if you want to install it. Excellent tool if you wish to be connected to your colleagues, your Partners and don’t forget to create some bulles …
Transfering a document is so easy … No limit size. Video and Voice are so cool.Remember or be careful : try it is to adopt it.

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AvatarRalf 02:06, 30 Jun 2017

I use Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent sind a few month first as beta-user and i hope in a few weeks a fully featured Enterprise-User. Rainbow works stable, the Desktop and Smartphones Apps were updated very often during the beta phase and with each update i got new features. No problems in installation, connectivity ans very easy to use.
I already installed relationships to colleaugues to communicate across my own company-pbxs which wasn´t crosslinked before. I am also connected to ALE employees and partners (different companies). Very helpful.
I am looking forward to see the desktop phone status (presence) of my partners in Rainbow. It makes the communication easier.

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AvatarMuhammad Yasir 02:06, 30 Jun 2017

I would go for Alcatel Lucent Rainbow. It is easy to use and has a good interface. Overall it provides good user experience

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  • AvatarThomas 02:06, 30 Jun 2017

    same in Circuit

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  • AvatarLeslie Delatte 01:06, 08 Jun 2017

    I use Cisco Spark every day, and it’s combining chat, call, content sharing, screen sharing, whiteboarding,… very complete 😉

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  • AvatarMatt Lovato 01:06, 09 Jun 2017 also combines real-time sessions with both group video and text chat.

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  • AvatarJeff Reynolds 12:06, 15 Jun 2017

    Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch supports it all. Easily shift from chat to call to share and video. Absolutely rock-solid.

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AvatarPeterle 02:06, 30 Jun 2017

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Rainbow is an excellent tool… Easy to use, good features.

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AvatarJuergen KOHLER 01:06, 30 Jun 2017

After trying a lot of team collaboration tools I have the best experience with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow. In addition I can use now the Rainbow Client as a web based UC-CTO client together with my brandnew Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect PABX system. This supports my daily work very easy and efficient – on my smartphone as well as in my office.
And the best: Using Rainbow also with my phones is free – Great !

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AvatarFatima Elleouet 01:06, 30 Jun 2017

Connect and share with your business community thanks to ALE Rainbow CPaaS platforme.

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AvatarCory 01:06, 30 Jun 2017

I like Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow very much. More friendly, and more easy.

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AvatarThomas 12:06, 30 Jun 2017

I wonder why I never have heard about some of this entries in this list and also why the major ones do not have more votes. I would also awaite Circuit would have more votes already as it is used in some big companies as well (Atos 100K, Siemens 300K employees,..).
How long is this survey open now and shared with what partner sites? Is this somewhere stated?
I worked / tested slack, MS Teams, Circuit etc. From the list above I would prefer Circuit to use


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AvatarAgaK 12:06, 30 Jun 2017

Circuit has great sound and share screen quality. It synchronize on all mobile devices way better than SfB. Looks “more serious” than Slack. Still there are issues with combining it smoothly with outlook functionality. So waiting till they overcome them with fingers crossed.

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AvatarSam 01:07, 01 Jul 2017

Rainbow is the combination of all key UC features which makes it really easy to use in and out of my office.

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