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Cisco Jabber to Mirror Webex Teams & Get AI Boost

Cisco collaboration solutions get an upgrade

Cisco Jabber to Mirror Webex Teams & Get AI Boost

Cisco, a worldwide leader in communication technology, recently announced an upgrade to their collaboration strategies. As part of their quest to become the one-stop solution for companies in search of team collaboration, contact centre support, and communication, Cisco has introduced a new way to remove some of the friction from the daily collaboration experience.

Cisco will be unifying their collaboration portfolio in the months ahead, to make life easier for IT teams and users alike. The Jabber collaboration tool will soon mirror Webex Teams functionality, complete with incredible AI-driven insights.

According to an official press release from Cisco, the company wants to ensure that businesses using Cisco tools don’t have to worry about any distraction of frustration when they switch between tools. Cisco says that everything you need should be where you want it to be – so it feels as though you’re not switching apps at all when you move from Webex Meetings to Webex Teams or even Jabber.

Set it and Forget it Collaboration

To make collaboration simpler for everyone, Cisco has been working hard to align their complete portfolio. Now, all of the Cisco devices run on the same operating system, and all of their apps align better than ever before. One of the latest developments in this campaign has been the upgraded functionality of the Cisco Jabber tool.

Currently, Jabber has more than 45 million users around the globe. Now, users will get an experience that’s very similar to Webex Teams when they log into their Jabber dashboard. If one person in your team prefers Jabber and the other uses Webex Teams, you can simply type a note into Jabber, and it will appear on the Teams app too.

Cisco believes that this updated and unified experience will make life simpler for both app users and IT teams. It will allow companies to transition users seamlessly into the cloud when the time is right, without having to wait for them to get used to a brand-new collaboration system.

Bringing People Insights into the Mix

Amy Chang

Amy Chang

Aside from a Jabber experience that feels more like Webex Teams, Cisco is also announcing an upgrade to People Insights – the service introduced for Webex Meetings in March. People Insights is an AI-infused assistant that provides professional insights based on publicly available information, about the people you’re meeting with. This means that you get all the information you need to start a conversation on the right foot.

Although it was only available for Meetings, to begin with, People Insights will now be available for the rest of the Webex portfolio, as well as Cisco Jabber. According to Amy Chang, the SVP of Collaboration at Cisco, the company is going to continue bringing customers new layers of rich context and intelligence, while also ensuring that they provide the most seamless experiences across their entire portfolio. The technology introduced by Cisco in the months to come will work seamlessly together, and it will all be backed by intelligent insights.

Chang believes that Cisco customers are going to love the new transformative experiences coming from the Cisco brand.

Sounds like a great plan. Do you use Jabber? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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