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The Latest Updates to Microsoft Teams

Creating an inclusive meeting experience for everyone

The Latest Updates to Microsoft Teams

As the modern workforce continues to evolve, Microsoft is on hand to ensure that every business has the collaborative environment it needs to thrive. As the leading tool for enterprise collaboration, Microsoft Teams seems to be continually updating and upgrading, with new feature and functionality to suit the current workplace. For companies that need to create advanced conference rooms and huddle spaces, there’s even the option to invest in Microsoft Teams Rooms for instant engagement.

The latest update to the Microsoft Teams experience focuses on the new additions to the Rooms app. Microsoft is delivering a new content camera which intelligently includes whiteboards into a team meeting, as well as advanced solutions for specialist spaces.

Introducing the Microsoft Content Camera

The most exciting update to the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience is the arrival of the artificial intelligence-powered content camera. This camera cleverly detects, crops, and frames a whiteboard in the meeting room, sharing the content written on the surface with remote meeting participants in real-time. Even as presenters move in front of the whiteboard, viewers will be able to see the content through them.

The new intelligent content camera is incredibly easy to use too. IT administrators can add certified content cameras to their USB ports in the Microsoft Teams Rooms system for plug-and-play performance. After the content camera connects to the room, the admin can select the respective camera for input via the device settings menu on the Microsoft Teams Rooms app.

Already, there’s a selection of Crestron and Logitech cameras available and certified for use with the Teams content camera functionality. Microsoft has announced that it will be adding further cameras to this list over time. Additionally, Microsoft partners are already offering unique mounting systems to ensure that you can fit your camera seamlessly into any meeting space.

Solutions for Special Spaces from Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft also announced that their new certification also includes ceiling tiles and digital signal processor options for customer meeting rooms. With solutions from leading brands like Crestron and Sennheiser, businesses will be able to design a custom meeting room that’s right for them, using AV integrator channels and the Microsoft Teams Device showcase.

With a combination of a DSP, a Microsoft Teams Rooms set up, a ceiling tile or microphone and a wide variety of powerful and intelligent cameras to choose from, businesses are free to create the conference that suits them. There’s even the option to design huge multi-purpose rooms and large boardroom spaces that offer a consistent experience for all users.

What’s more, to follow on from Microsoft’s July updates to the Teams Rooms experience, the company has also updated the UI for today’s users. The user interface now offers aligned calling and meeting experiences across all Teams clients. Settings control is now available from a sidebar that’s accessible through the “More” option on the console.

Ongoing Updates to Microsoft Partnerships

As well as taking steps to deliver a consistent and straightforward experience to all modern meeting spaces, Microsoft has also announced that it is building on its partnerships too. The company recently announced the availability of some new certified Microsoft Teams Rooms peripherals and devices. For instance, Logitech Tap is now globally available as a pre-configured solution for meeting rooms of all sizes. Additionally:

  • Yealink has expanded its portfolio with the MVC-800 and MVC-500 Microsoft Teams Rooms bundles, with support for the Yealink wireless USB dongle too
  • Crestron recently released a set of new products, including the certified Crestron UCC160-T kit for larger meeting rooms. There’s also access to single-display systems like the UC-B130, UC-B140, and the Flex UC-B160-T
  • Jabra released the Jabra Panacast plug-and-play camera with certification for Microsoft Teams. This camera offers a panoramic 180-degree view and 3 13-megapixel cameras for excellent video quality
  • Sennheiser completed certification for Microsoft Teams Rooms for their SP30 speakerphone solution

All of these extra additions to the Microsoft Teams Rooms environment will give Microsoft users more choices for how they want to build their meeting environments. With an easy-to-use interface, an exceptional range of cameras to choose from, and a broader partner base, Microsoft is giving users more freedom and flexibility than ever. Whether you’re looking to build a small huddle room or an ample conference space, Microsoft Teams has you covered.

You can find out more about the latest Microsoft Teams updates on the Microsoft website, or by speaking to a service representative.


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