Verizon Offers Microsoft Teams Integrated Solutions

Verizon provides integrated connectivity for Microsoft Teams

Verizon Offers Microsoft Teams Integrated Solutions

Verizon Communications, a company dedicated to support the most reliable wireless network in America, recently announced a new collaborative service. Verizon is well-known throughout the US for its premier all-fibre network and commitment to pioneering connectivity solutions. Currently, Verizon is responsible for supporting a host of leading brands, including HuffPost, TechCrunch, Yahoo, and many others.

In the company’s most recent press release, Verizon announced a collaborative solution designed to support network customers with the Microsoft Teams environment installed. Enterprise consumers will be able to integrate their existing Verizon voice infrastructure with their Microsoft Teams environment. The solution is being offered to businesses across 80 countries so far.

Building a Reliable Collaborative Service

Building on its heritage in connectivity and communication, Verizon will be using their innovative SIP trunk and Direct Routing solutions to launch the new service. The Microsoft Teams connectivity will ensure that customers can access all of their favourite features of Microsoft Teams. This will include calling solutions to and from traditional phones, as well as communication via VoIP and mobile.

The new offering is powered by the Verizon Session Border Controller as a Service (SBCaaS) solution. This unique and impressive cloud-based service will reduce the need for organisations in all environments to invest in new hardware to combine their communication and collaboration efforts. This remarkable new service builds upon Verizon’s existing commitment to creating new ways for businesses to connect and communicate.

Microsoft Teams is a highly popular and well-adopted unified collaboration platform, capable of supporting persistent workplace chat, file storage, and video meetings. The solution, built on top of the Microsoft Office 365 Groups subscription, has seen exceptional growth over the recent years, as more companies have continued to invest in new forms of digital collaboration.

Combining Collaboration and Communication

Shawn Hakl

Shawn Hakl

Microsoft recently announced that their leading Teams platform is being used by 500,000 organisations around the world, including an amazing 91 companies out of the Fortune 100. As enterprises of all sizes are looking for new ways to simplify and improve their communication and collaboration solutions, Verizon’s new offering will be a powerful differentiator.

According to the SVP of Business Products for Verizon, Shawn Hakl, enterprises are constantly searching for new solutions and tools that support collaboration and productivity in the workforce. By integrating SIP trunking solutions from Verizon into Microsoft Teams, users will be able to access all the tools they need in the same place. On the one hand, they get reliable communication services from Verizon. On the other hand, they continue to unlock the benefits of their Microsoft Teams software for better collaboration.


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