The Top 7 Microsoft Teams Productivity Apps for 2023

The Best Productivity Apps for Teams in 2023

The Top 7 Microsoft Teams Productivity Apps for 2022

Last Edited: December 14, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Microsoft Teams has emerged as one of the most popular business tools for communication, collaboration, and workplace productivity. Microsoft Teams is a valuable resource for keeping modern employees synergized and motivated by offering companies an all-in-one environment where teams can ideate, innovate, and connect.

On its own, the Teams platform enhances productivity by giving staff access to all the resources they need to make important decisions in one convenient space. At the same time, the solution helps to streamline and align hybrid and remote workers with a range of tools for asynchronous and synchronous communication.

However, part of what makes the Teams environment so compelling to today’s business leaders is how flexible and extensible it can be. The Microsoft Teams app marketplace is home to various add-ons and integrations ideal for turbo-charging productivity.

Here are just some of the top available Microsoft Teams Productivity apps today.

This list is in no particular order

1.   Decisions

Today’s companies spend more time in meetings than ever, mainly supporting hybrid and remote working strategies. Unfortunately, while meetings are often essential to keeping everyone on the same page, they can also drain productivity and efficiency when they’re not properly planned, managed, and implemented.

Decisions is an app for Microsoft Teams that includes everything business leaders need to design more effective meetings. Users can create meeting agendas directly within Teams, attach valuable resources to calendar invites, and even automatically track the time spent in a meeting. There’s also the option to create secure voting systems and upload tasks and decisions directly from each meeting into Microsoft apps like Planner and To Do.

Features include:

  • Native agenda builder
  • One-click meeting minutes for OneNote and Word
  • Time tracking
  • Meeting engagement scores
  • Automatic task and decision syncing

2.   MURAL

MURAL is a powerful digital whiteboarding tool built to improve creative brainstorming and meeting sessions. The Microsoft Teams meeting app transforms teamwork with integrated data from Teams, Outlook, and Office in one convenient space. Users can embed MURAL as a custom tab into any chat or channel to make launching a whiteboard meeting quick and straightforward.

It’s also possible to pin a mural to any Teams meeting invite so that users can access valuable information ahead of time. MURAL can send users notifications in Teams when other staff members mention them. Plus, there are preview integrations available for Microsoft Outlook and Office too.

Features include:

  • Custom tab creation for Microsoft Teams
  • Notifications bot for updates and insights
  • Pinning for meetings and calendar messages
  • Powerful whiteboarding functionality
  • 300+ templates for brainstorming and ideation

3.   ClickUp

One of the most popular productivity and project management apps around, ClickUp makes it simple for business owners to keep all their team members on the same page. The add-on for Microsoft Teams allows for deeply customized modularity through add-ons called “ClickApps.” These enable businesses to create customized experiences for different Teams.

ClickUp will provide users with instant notes, reminders, and goal tools to keep them focused when accelerating toward deadlines. There are scheduling tools, a custom inbox, and a fully customizable interface to help users track their to-do lists more effectively.

Features include:

  • Task assignments and notifications in Teams
  • Calendars and scheduling access
  • ClickApp customization for every team
  • Automated alerts on changes to any work project
  • Priority tags and deadlines for assignments

4.   Process Street

Process Street is a modern process management platform designed to help companies automate and share core processes. The add-on for Microsoft Teams provides users with instant notifications as soon as work is assigned to them or they’re mentioned in a comment. These notifications appear as conversations with a dedicated bot, including links for details on tasks.

Process Street allows users to create step-by-step to-do lists for their team members to ensure they’re completing the right tasks at the perfect time. There are also built-in automation workflows available, allowing users to send automatic notifications when certain actions are completed.

Features include:

  • Dedicated intelligent bot for Teams
  • Instant automated notifications
  • To-do list and project creation
  • Approvals and workflow automation

5.   Virto Kanban Board

Created for agile teams, the Virto Kanban Board is an app for Microsoft Teams that embeds a dynamic scrum board into the Microsoft ecosystem. Users can visualize, share, and manage SharePoint tasks directly in Teams, with cards divided into columns by status. Users can show any SharePoint list or library as a Kanban board to their team members and color code different tasks based on their priority level.

Task filters help users sort through the most important tasks on their to-do lists. Plus, companies can leverage flexible permissions to determine what people should be able to do when interacting with each task.

Features include:

  • Instant Kanban board creation from any SharePoint library
  • Sort tasks with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Color markers for custom conditions
  • Task filters and assignment options
  • Flexible permissions

6.   Perfect Wiki

Employees work at their best when they can access the resources and information they need in one convenient location. With Perfect Wiki, Microsoft Teams leaders can store all of their company’s SOPs, user guides, and tutorials within the Teams environment. The intuitive database makes it easy to store and manage different onboarding flows, HR practices, and documents in one space.

The convenient and easy-to-use application unifies all the information employees rely on, so they can spend less time searching through different applications to find the right insights.

Features include:

  • Seamless universal data exporting
  • Access to comprehensive importing and upload
  • Custom editing and access rights
  • Full-text search with filtering
  • Integration with Outlook and Office 365

7.   MIPA

Otherwise known as “My Intelligent Personal Assistant,” MIPA is a powerful bot application for Microsoft Teams, created to help empower and engage employees wherever they are. The solution provides users with a centralized task management environment, with connectivity between Teams, Planner, To Do, and Microsoft Lists.

An in-built priority matrix system helps employees eliminate unnecessary tasks and determine which jobs they need to do first. Users can also easily create any Planner Task within Teams using the chatbot function.

Features include:

  • Centralized task and to-do list management
  • Eisenhower Priority Matrix
  • Insights into individual and team workflows
  • Sticky notes and customization options
  • Easy, intuitive search



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