The Top Large Meeting Room Vendors for 2024

Leading vendors of large meeting room solutions

The Top Large Meeting Room Vendors for 2024
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Published: April 2, 2024

Rebekah Carter - Writer

Rebekah Carter

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Large Meeting Room Marketplace.

Large meeting room environments are once again surging into the spotlight as companies encourage employees to return to the office. However, in today’s world, the traditional “conference room” environment is evolving to include more immersive, inclusive technologies for hybrid work.

To simplify the setup and management of complex large meeting rooms, vendors across the AV industry are building powerful room kits, certified to work with leading UC solutions. These bundles often come with remote management software, and even integrated AI capabilities.

Based on our work with multiple large meeting room vendors over the years, we’ve created this market map to help you make the right choice for your conferencing space.

  • Q-SYS
  • Atlona
  • AudioCodes
  • AVer
  • BenQ
  • Biamp
  • Cisco
  • ClearOne
  • Crestron
  • DTEN
  • HP/Poly
  • Legrand AV
  • Logitech
  • Maxhub
  • Nureva
  • QSC
  • Shure
  • Xilica


Operating as part of the QSC team, Q-SYS specializes in the design of intelligent software for meeting room technology integration and device management. Q-SYS leverages Intel technology to deliver features and functionality to large meeting room spaces on a software level, reducing the need for excess hardware. Companies can leverage the cloud-based control platform to manage call and environmental controls and scale their ecosystem quickly.

With Q-SYS technologies, organizations benefit from a security-focused ecosystem that helps to protect data and teams during critical meetings. There’s also an integrated cloud-based monitoring and management system for checking and tracking system health.

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Global AV solutions vendor Atlona produces devices and kits for training, customer support, and collaboration. Atlona offers organizations a range of standalone devices for larger meeting rooms, such as the Velocity Room Scheduling system and a host of 4K video walls. The Omega Room Builder technology also allows companies to design their own large meeting room kits.

Atlona’s pre-built room kits offer access to bundled plug-and-play AV systems, that align simple installation with flexible integration for various UC platforms. The organization even provides the comprehensive AT-ARK-TR-201-KIT. This is designed for training rooms that host sessions with up to 20 people, with PTZ cameras, control panels, and second display support.

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Specializing in enterprise-level AV solutions, AudioCodes offers a range of room kits and tools for collaborative experiences. The company’s Room Experience (RX) suite empowers organizations to build their own comprehensive bundles of meeting room solutions for video, audio, and device management, focusing on inclusivity.

For large meeting room environments, AudioCodes recommends two leading kits for both Android and Windows-based companies. The RXV200-B40 kit combines a video bar, a meeting room scheduling and management system, and a miniature computer. The Windows-focused RXV100-B40 combines AudioCodes technology with Lenovo systems for meeting room management.

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Producing a range of conferencing cameras and audio solutions for meeting rooms and classrooms, AVer delivers toolkits certified for solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The most advanced bundles for larger meeting rooms from AVer include a whiteboard camera and Aver’s VC520 Pro camera system, with 24x total zoom, smart framing, and speakerphone extensions.

Companies can take advantage of daisy-chains speakerphone systems that provide team members with a fully comprehensive duplex audio array. Plus, meeting room environments can be pre-integrated with UC software, and include audio fencing technologies for greater clarity. There’s even the option to align AVer solutions with other displays and meeting room management tablets.

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Based in the UK, BenQ is a versatile vendor of wireless presentation, lighting, and collaboration technology. With this company, organizations can take advantage of solutions like the InstaShow system, which allows 16 participants to connect notebooks and share content at once. Flexible business projectors for immersive meetings and interactive displays and digital signage solutions are available.

Companies can also leverage a range of software solutions from BenQ, which help with meeting room design and setup, broadcasting critical content in hybrid events, and more. BenQ even produces innovative one-click control systems for simplified meeting management.

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Biamp is an AV vendor producing conferencing room technology for any sized space. Specializing in unified communication and Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) equipment, Biamp gives companies the flexibility to build the ideal bundle for a large meeting room. Biamp recommends solutions like the MRB-L-X400 and MRB-L-SCX400-C room bundles for larger spaces.

These bundles include plug-and-play technology, beam-tracking microphones, loudspeakers, and configuration-free networking. The speakers included with the kits come with Biamp Launch for rapid configuration and are automatically tuned to conference room environments. What’s more, they’re certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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Cisco Webex

Webex from Cisco gives companies access to various hardware and software solutions for communication and collaboration. The company’s room kits and systems are certified for Webex, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom, and Google Meet. Webex offers the comprehensive “Room Kit Plus” bundle for large meeting room spaces.

This includes a Codec Plus solution for AI applications, speakers, microphones, and a multi-lens camera system. It also runs on Cisco RoomOS for advanced interoperability. Companies can also take advantage of intelligent interactive boards from Cisco Webex and all-in-one video bars, speakerphones, and tablets for configuration control.

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ClearOne develops professional audio and video and cloud-based collaboration systems for business leaders. The organization’s range of BYOD collaboration solutions ensures companies can take advantage of large meeting room bundles with cameras, speakers, and various microphone options. Solutions include the Collaborate Versa room CT kit, which is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, and more.

Companies can also access a wide range of robust camera solutions, such as the UNITE 260 Pro camera, with 4K Ultra HD streaming and 16 times digital zoom, specially designed for large conference rooms and training centers. Plus, ClearOne technology can be managed, upgraded, and monitored seamlessly from the cloud.

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Offering a range of video conferencing solutions for all forms of workspace, Crestron empowers companies to build their own ideal environment with the “Crestron Flex” collection. Crestron’s Flex technologies include tabletop and wall-mounted conferencing systems and all-in-one video bars for audio, microphone technology, and video streaming in one.

Crestron also offers advanced integrator kits for solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom, such as the UC-C100 bundles. Companies can also use various workspace tracking solutions, audio systems, control tablets, displays, and standalone video cameras. There are even various desk scheduling options for flexible workspaces.

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A certified partner of companies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, DTEN produces comprehensive kits for various meeting room environments. The enterprise-ready large meeting room kits, such as the D7X display, combine artificial intelligence with video conferencing and audio capabilities. Companies can also explore solutions like video bars for collaboration on any display and the DTEN Mate system for meeting room control and scheduling.

There’s also the option to leverage Dual-screen solutions for more advanced meeting room and training room setups. Additionally, DTEN offers companies a wide selection of accessories to enhance the user experience for conference attendees.

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Working in collaboration, HP and Poly produce a range of standalone devices and meeting room kits for larger conference spaces. You can access pre-configured solutions for platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms, which come with various devices. The Poly Studio Large Room kit for instance, features a Poly GC8 touch controller, HP Mini conferencing PC, and Poly Studio E70.

If you’re looking for an Android-based meeting room, there’s also a kit which combines the TC10 Touch controller with the Poly Studio X70 meeting room bar. Companies can also choose to design their own meeting room kits from scratch, and most devices come with access to software for meeting room management.

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Legrand AV

Specializing in the development of AV products and service solutions, Legrand AV is the umbrella company responsible for a wide range of conferencing systems. Corporate solutions offered by Legrand AV include live streaming products for hybrid events or training sessions, 4K video cameras, meeting room bars, and speakerphone systems.

The organization also produces a range of audio-focused room kits, presenter tracking devices, and touchscreen controllers for large meeting room environments. With Legrand AV, companies can custom-build their own meeting room environments with various displays, PTZ cameras, and integrated control software.

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With its room configurator technology and a large product portfolio, Logitech allows organizations to design bespoke large meeting room environments. The company’s conference room kits can adapt to various business needs and room sizes. For instance, the Rally Bar all-in-one video bar combines 4K video with crystal clear audio and microphone technology for mid to large rooms.

The Logitech Sight tabletop companion camera can enhance the performance of meeting rooms with intelligent multi-participant framing. Moreover, Logitech also offers the Tap IP touch controller for meeting rooms with PoE connectivity. There’s even the option to use dedicated computing solutions for conference spaces.

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Specializing in intelligent displays and video conferencing equipment, Maxhub produces software and hardware for all styles of meeting rooms. Maxhub’s scalable conferencing solutions include dedicated kits for large meeting room spaces. For instance, companies can combine the UC BM35 speakerphone system with optional omnidirectional microphones and loudspeakers.

Companies also gain access to a desktop controller for central meeting room management and can expand on their solutions with interactive displays. Larger meeting rooms can also benefit from Maxhub’s dedicated UC P15 full HD PTZ camera, offering plug-and-play simplicity and built-in intelligent features for speaker framing.

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Working in partnership with various AV vendors, Nureva produces room kits and devices for businesses and educational institutions. One of the most recent solutions offered by the company is the Pro series, powered by Microphone mist technology and certified for Microsoft Teams. The Pro Series is specially designed for large meeting room spaces, with a comprehensive level of audio coverage and hassle-free installation.

Companies can combine the audio hardware offered by Nureva with a range of software and services, such as the Nureva Console, for managing and monitoring rooms from a cloud-based platform. There’s also a developer toolkit for advanced customization.

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Leading provider of power amplifiers, signal processing, and loudspeaker systems, QSC helps organizations upgrade and manage the audio experiences in large meeting room spaces. The company’s range of products and solutions can adapt to suit the needs of any organization, with seamless integration for a range of unified communication platforms.

QSC’s products and solutions include subwoofers, digital mixers, and a range of software and firmware options intended to give organizations more ways to manage immersive meeting experiences. The company also offers dedicated support and training for teams.

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Shure is focused on the audio technology industry and produces meeting room microphones, speakerphones, and speaker systems. For larger, boardroom-style meeting rooms, Shure offers systems like the Microflex Advance ceiling array microphone. This kit gives companies advanced control over audio capture, camera tracking, and sound reinforcement.

Companies can also take advantage of the Microflex Advance Table array for more traditional meeting room environments. Plus, Shure offers a range of network systems software options for deploying and managing meeting room equipment. There’s even a selection of digital signal processors and network interfaces.

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Working with leading audio companies like Sennheiser, Xilica produces meeting room bundles focused on employee inclusion. Offerings like the Xilica x Sennheiser large room kit include QR1 UC processors with HearClear AECD and USB connectivity. Companies also access a set of Xilica Sonia C5 ceiling speakers, a Xilica Sonia Amp, and the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 system.

The pre-made room kits allow companies to choose the SKU that matches their room size, and all components are tested and fully interoperable for a quick setup experience. Moreover, Xilica offers a range of add-on solutions, such as user interfaces, processors, speakers, and network endpoints.

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