Verizon Delivers Supercharged Collaboration for Global Enterprises

New collaboration opportunities from Verizon

Verizon Delivers Supercharged Collaboration for Global Enterprises

Leading communications company, Verizon has announced that companies will now have the option to improve their productivity and collaboration strategies, while reducing costs with new enterprise-specific boosts to the VCE. The Virtual Communications Express (VCE) is Verizon’s leading cloud-calling solution for businesses. The solution has just been updated to deliver premises-based or hosted SD-WAN connectivity, and it can be delivered over the company’s global VoIP service. The VCE is available across the US, Europe, and Asia.

By combining VCE with Verizon’s VoIP service, new can keep their costs low by sharing trunk capacity over a range of sites. Additionally, users will also be able to calls to long-distance devices, and other Version users on the wireless connected VoIP network, for no additional charge. Verizon’s SD-WAN will also enable VCE customers to improve customer and user performance, with greater security, resiliency, and diversity through capacity prioritisation.

An Upgraded Strategy for UC Deployment

Today’s enterprises face a host of challenges when deploying their UC&C services in locations around the world. Challenges for larger brands range from the strains of rolling out hybrid deployments globally, to integrating with existing tools and customising user adoption strategies. Verizon’s global support and network will provide today’s multinational enterprises with the guidance they need navigate common issues.

According to Alla Reznik, the Executive Director of Customer Experience, businesses need to keep their entire global workforce operating at maximum capacity. First-class collaboration is crucial, and Verizon’s global network strength can deliver that. Verizon’s enterprise-grade solution is set to improve and enhance global business communications.

Verizon also recently announced that it would be offering VCE via the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan for Webex Calling. This means that users can combine the benefits of hosted UC&C and VoIP connectivity from Verizon with Cisco’s flexible pricing and licensing model. Additionally, Verizon is the only carrier on the market supporting Cisco Webex Calling in Webex Teams using a private MPLS network.

An Exciting Next Step for Verizon

Sri Srinivasan

Sri Srinivasan

According to SVP and general manager of collaboration for Cisco, Sri Srinivasan, Cisco is thrilled to be working alongside Verizon to deliver the power of a single platform with Webex Meetings, Teams and Calling in the same place. Verizon’s VCE enhancements will allow enterprises to improve employee collaboration with a more cohesive and productive environment through Cisco Webex.

Now that more businesses than ever before are investing in collaboration solutions to take their everyday operations to the next level, this new solution from Verizon is bound to be highly appealing. Verizon’s VCE will be available across Europe, Asia and the US going forward, and it is complemented by a wide suite of Verizon enterprise solutions, including security features, call centre offerings, and wireless network solutions.


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