The Logitech Collaboration Program Welcomes i3-Technologies to the Fold

i3-Technologies and Logitech come together over video collaboration

The Logitech Collaboration Program Welcomes i3-Technologies to the Fold

Part of the i3-Group, i3-Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of group collaboration technologies and interactive innovations in the world. Over the years, i3-Technologies have expanded their portfolio of products, offering services throughout more than 80 countries, with numerous recognitions and awards. Most recently, they were selected by CIO Applications as one of the top 25 collaboration tech companies in 2018.

Now, i3-Technologies will be expanding their footprint in the video collaboration world, with the help of the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP). By emerging as an integration partner for the “Complementary Technology Track” of the LCP, i3-Technologies hopes to further expand their market reach and deliver an immersive and integrated user experience for customers across the globe.

State-of-the-Art Collaboration Tools

As part of the Logitech Collaboration Program, i3-Technologies will be delivering an exceptional user experience through a range of mutually-validated, tested, and proven integrations. This means that customers purchasing Logitech collaboration products, as well as interactive collaboration and touch-display software products from i3-Technologies, should have access to a highly-optimised collaboration service, ready to launch anytime, anywhere.

Both i3-Technologies touch-display tech, and Logitech Conference Cams are designed to deliver value to teams that often work with dispersed employees around the world. After all, as the business world becomes more diverse, and remote workers pop up around the globe, organisations are searching for ways to keep every member of staff engaged.

MeetUp by Logitech, for example, offers a fantastic supplement to the i3HUDDLE touch display for the smaller meeting room. The MeetUp camera is an all-in-one conference experience with a 120-degree field of view and integrated audio. With the i3HUDDLE as a plug-and-play intuitive touch display, teams can have a totally immersive meeting experience.

A Positive Step Forward for i3-Technologies

Lisandro Nunez

Lisandro Nunez

According to the Global Marketing and Sales Director for i3, Lisandro Nunez, the company is constantly inspired and driven by how their customers use their products alongside other technology on the market. I3-Technologies believe in providing all customers with the best user experiences (UX) on the market, and they feel that partnering with industry-leaders like Logitech will help them to accomplish this.

In a recent press release, the General Manager of Logitech Video Collaboration, Scott Wharton noted that the business was thrilled to welcome i3-Technologies to the fold. Both brands believe that the collaboration will help to deliver stronger experiences to their customers.


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