Videxio Introduces Scan-to-Join Meetings

New iOS app enable meetings to start on time, every time

Videxio Introduces Scan-to-Join Meetings

Videxio, the video conferencing company soon to finalise a merger with Pexip, recently announced their innovative scan to join functionality for video meetings. When I was first informed of this by Lindsey Baine, Marketing Manager for Americas at Videxio, I thought “what a great idea”. On reflection, it’s an incredibly simple idea that is bolstered by some great technical workings. As the idea of scan to join is to improve the user experience when joining a meeting, it quickly became a good idea to write an article comparing the current and future meeting experiences.

Current state

Picture the scene. 9am on a Monday morning and someone has scheduled the sales meeting. Everybody has scurried in from their wet commute and the 8.59 queue for the coffee machine is more than unbearable. Giving into a caffeine-free meeting, you enter the crowded meeting room full of porridge and croissants and laptops and nobody has dialled in the team in another office.

The faff for the remote, the re-cabling of conference phones and the inevitable dash to tech support begins. Your meeting has not started on time, people have already lost interest and it’s only 9.07am. Ultimately, this meeting has lost all credibility and is deemed unimportant. At this point, your remote workers have finally joined and are let off the hook for being late. They’ve been scrambling around their meeting invite trying to find the conferencing details for this particular meeting.

The impact of an important meeting being rendered useless is often blamed on technology. More worryingly, it has a knock on effect on sales for the rest of the week. By the time the next sales meeting rolls around, fewer people turn up and opt to dial in (hoping it doesn’t work) and people accept invites tentatively. The ongoing guessing game as to whether you can start the meeting begins.

Future state

In an ideal world, everyone walks into a meeting room and connects to the meeting. Users from your US offices collaborate with your UK office. Your remote workers call in from their home offices and everyone has a productive meeting. Doesn’t seem too much to ask does it?

Meeting Connect

With Videxio’s latest innovation, joining a meeting is made simple for everyone.

Here’s how to join with MeetingConnect:

  • Walk into any meeting room
  • Take out your phone from your pocket and scan the QR code on the table
  • Tap on your meeting
  • The video system will immediately call you
  • Just accept the call to join

What if you’re not using Videxio?

Hold on, can’t be that easy? You don’t have Videxio. Meeting Connect isn’t about moving you onto one video conferencing app. It’s widely recognised that different businesses, and even the same business, use multiple meeting solutions. Meeting Connect is interoperable with the following video conferencing solutions:

  • Videxio meetings
  • Pexip meetings
  • Skype for Business meetings (as long as the video system is on a premium plan)
  • Cisco Webex Teams meetings
  • Cisco Webex meetings
  • BlueJeans meetings
  • Zoom meetings (as long as the meeting’s organiser has purchased a Zoom Room connector)

Okay, so there are some minor caveats when it comes to using Meeting Connect and the scan to join functionality. However, premium Skype for Business and Zoom room connectors are common in the enterprise. If you don’t have this functionality today, it hardly seems like there is an argument against it. Carry on having terrible meetings or start them on time? No-brainer for me.

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 16:00, 14 Dec 2018

Clever, like it. The iPhone has a QR scanner built in to the camera these days…

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