VoIPstudio to Add Screen and File Sharing

With a million and a half messages sent, VoIPstudio aims to sharpen workplace collaboration

VoIPstudio to Add Screen and File Sharing

Workplace dynamics are changing, and 45 percent of employees in the workforce now spend an hour or longer commuting. They are, however, growing tired of sitting in traffic as well as waking up earlier than needed – thus, opting out of roles that require traveling.

The signs of employees growing dissatisfied with the status quo are present and can be found in the 70 percent of workers who perform the duties of their job on a remote basis at least once a week. The tools available at their disposal play a large role in employee performance, participation, and experience, too.

Do employees feel a part of the team? Can they access essential documents and connect with colleagues in real time? Due to the increasing number of collaboration tools out there, such liberties are now possible.

Rob Seymour, Marketing Director at VoIPstudio told UC Today they plan to enhance their collaboration abilities later this summer after conducting its quarterly customer survey. It was clear to VoIPstudio after the survey, customers craved features like screen/file sharing, so they began working on enhancing their collaboration suite that already included real-time IM, Chat, and presence indicators.

“There are so many collaboration tools available now that it’s often hard for enterprises to choose – and even within a company, different teams might adopt different platforms.” Seymour said:

“We take a different approach led by the needs of our clients who want to add the features and integrations important to them”

Listening to Customers is Key

Seymour shared, VoIPstudio listened to customers and added the features they wanted access to. After the survey, file and screen sharing came out on top, further demonstrating their business customers needed flexibility.

“We gave our customers what they need while allowing them to choose, and we see VoIPstudio as providing the core, essential functionality while co-existing with other platforms specialist teams use.”

Although video conferencing is a large part of the collaboration experience, VoIPstudio still manages to capture the spirit Collab while not offering the feature. Seymour did share, video conferencing is in the pipeline but deemed to be less pressing by their current client base.

The Collaboration Market Continues to Soar

There is tremendous room for growth in the collaboration space and companies like Slack are proving it to be lucrative. Already this year, both Zoom and Slack have seen successful IPOs, and we speculate more companies will join them. What will define success in the market is that company’s ability to differentiate its offerings.

Synergy Research Group forecasts collaboration software spending will hit $45 billion globally as the demand for ‘team chat apps’ persists. The group credits the growing number of companies developing software such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Slack.

VoIPstudio is presently adding value to the collab space by further enabling mobile workers to connect in real-time, no matter their location. VoIPstudio does all this at an affordable entry rate, at just £3.99/$4.99 per month per person, presenting an attractive addition to the market and is forcing other companies to stay competitive in terms of pricing as a result.


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