Workplace from Facebook July Updates

Moshe Beauford

New features out for front-line managers, workers, and virtual employees

Workplace from Facebook July Updates

Workplace from Facebook recently announced another set of new features designed to improve virtual team communication and help frontline workers access company information as well as updates.

Introducing Areas by Workplace from Facebook. The all-new feature lets frontline managers transform into what Workplace calls ‘area coordinators.’ Via the feature, mangers on the frontline can control Workplace access for a group of workers. “This will ensure they can access important information and connect with the rest of the organization,” a spokesperson for the company told me in a statement.

Area coordinators can take further actions such as generating access codes for employees who do not have a company email address, log employees out of lost devices, as well as send profile creation requests to system administrators.

For many, staying on top of things whilst working from home can prove to be a challenge. Children remain in various stages of homeschooling throughout the globe, and pets are always going to do cute and distracting things during meetings, making it difficult to keep up with everything that goes on in a fast-paced home-based meeting. Developers over at Workplace from Facebook have introduced a solution to this problem, ‘Action Item Posts.’ The new kind of post fosters better task management and collaboration within teams on the popular workplace collaboration software.

“Users can soon share action items in a post, tag team members to assign actions, and mark tasks as complete to ensure projects stay on track”

The last new feature out by Workplace, ‘Achievement Posts,’ a function that assists teams in building community and boosting morale – letting them celebrate successes via the collaboration platform. So, how’s it work? Workplace users can add photos and videos along with tags of those who helped to achieve the feat in an ‘Achievement Post.’

Facebook’s consumer-facing brand has a similar feature called ‘Life Events,’ and ‘Achievement Posts’ will behave similarly, “Appearing in the content feed of group members and the timelines of tagged employees.” Action and Achievement Posts are available today. Areas, Workplace confirmed, would start rolling out this week.

Last month ‘Workplace’ announced a live stream featuring Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, it had expanded its ‘Messenger Rooms’ feature, entering a new and handy feature into the mix – ‘Workplace Rooms.’

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The meeting space offers unlimited time and up to 50 video call participants and external attendees. Work Groups earned a lot of trust since the introduction back in October 2019. Since then, the company wrote in a statement, the feature’s become quite popular, gaining over 20 million monthly active users since launching.

Workplace Rooms focuses on meeting security and lets users screen share and lock Rooms so others can’t join a private meeting in progress. Another sign of the times we live in, and amid acts of Zoombombing, Workplace added a neat layer of added protection to its now popular Rooms feature. Each time a new room’s made, a new link’s generated for security purposes, and links cannot get used again once they have expired.

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