AMC Technology – New Contact Centre Integrations

ServiceNow and Zendesk added to portfolio of DaVinci integrations

AMC Technology – New Contact Centre Integrations

In line with AMC Technology’s webinar series, the CTI software specialist can now confirm they have launched integrations into leading customer service platforms, ServiceNow and Zendesk. Both ServiceNow and Zendesk are widely used across customer supports functions and frequently recognised as leaders in their market.

According to Forbes, ServiceNow is in use by 840 of the Global 2000 and they boast 500 customers now doing more than $1 million in business, an increase of 43% year-over-year. Zendesk is quoted on Wikipedia as serving 119,000 paying customers in 150 countries and territories.


When integrating your contact centre communication channels with your customer service software, you are extending functionality. By integrating two systems, they can exchange data and provide features impossible without each other. AMC is focusing on enhancing the benefits for customers by enabling multiple cloud and on-premises business applications and communication channels to share data and events within their DaVinci frameworks. DaVinci has the ability to manage presence across channels, collect agent and channel metrics, and share data with CRM and CSM applications. Features like screen pop, activity creation, call notes, omnichannel routing, and advanced reporting are all possible across a wide variety of channels.

Both ServiceNow and Zendesk will now benefit from the following functionality with DaVinci:

Integrated toolbar with contextual call controls

Voice and digital controls are presented based on the status of the call or the requirements of your contact centre. This adds needed controls within the toolbar, eliminating the need for an agent to switch to other tools. App switching is a particular problem when it comes to user experience, sapping productivity, but also delaying the time to service a customer – resulting in lesser customer experience.

Screen pop

Automatically pop customer account information along with associated tickets upon receiving a phone call, chat or text so the agent is empowered with information before they answer a call cold. This means more efficient and more personalised service. It also provides context to the call so the caller doesn’t have to explain themselves over and over again.

Click to dial

Click to dial eliminates the need to enter the phone number manually which saves heaps of time when considered across the course of the year. Time is saved and errors are reduced by removing the need to dial. Often dismissed as simple functionality, by letting your CRM do the dialing for your phone system, you could save a serious amount of money. Click to dial also allows you to track and save your calls automatically, utilising the reporting elements of each CRM.

Create and update records

Agents can add comments to the customer’s ticket in both ServiceNow and Zendesk directly in the DaVinci toolbar. They also have the ability to create a new case or new contact if needed. This enables the customer service representatives to focus on the caller.

For more information on integrating voice and digital channels with ServiceNow or Zendesk, visit the AMC Technology solutions pages.

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