CounterPath Introduces Bria Solo

Extending business-class calling on mobile and desktop

CounterPath Introduces Bria Solo

Pioneering communications and collaboration company, Counterpath Corporation, recently announced the arrival of the new Bria Solo experience. The next-generation softphone combines business-class features for communication, like HD voice and video calling, into a user-friendly interface. This offering aims to help people around the world seamlessly transition from traditional phone environments, into the more immersive world of VoIP.

Bria Solo is available as a free version to replace the X-Lite flagship softphone from Counterpath. There’s also a premium version of the solution available on a subscription basis, as a replacement to the Bria 5 softphone.

The Bria Solo phone will give individuals in search of a standalone softphone offering a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of world-renowned video, voice, and messaging. The solution works on both mobile and desktop devices seamlessly. What’s more, the whole experience is securely configured and managed from a cloud environment.

Introducing the Bria Solo Experience

Bria Solo comes with an easy-to-use web portal, where users can set up voice accounts and log into their applications through various operating systems. According to the Chief Revenue Officer at CounterPath, Todd Carothers, the Solo is the next step forward in Counterpath’s innovative and popular technology. The single solution elevates user experiences by centralising the management of up to three devices at once.

Some of the features of the Bria Solo softphone include:

  • Call server compatibility and voice service with a wide range of VoIP, ITSP, and PBX vendors
  • Support for up to five calling accounts at once
  • Up to 3 application downloads available on Mac iOS, Windows, and Android devices
  • Configured services across synced apps
  • HD video and voice calling support across devices
  • Advanced call management features (With auto-answer, call transfer, call recording, call hold, and call merge)
  • Comprehensive call history synced through applications
  • Search and sort call recordings

How to Get Your Own Bria Solo

Todd Carothers

Todd Carothers

Counterpath is excited to continue delivering forward-thinking and industry solutions for flexible communication in the current marketplace. Today’s users can experience the various features of the Bria Solo for themselves for free with a trial. All you need to do is visit the Counterpath website to get your free thirty-day demo. Once your free trial has ended, you’ll have the option to enrol in the Bria Solo free solution or purchase a subscription for the premium service.

The free version of Bria Solo is limited to a single voice account. There are also some limitations in the voice and call management features that you will get. However, the same user-friendly interface is available throughout both the free and premium versions. If you have Bria Solo Free, you’ll be able to upgrade to Bria Solo at any time and access all the same settings and accounts from within your saved portal. This means that upgrading is a seamless and easy experience.


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