Grandstream GXW IP Analog Gateway Series

Here’s what you need to know about Grandstream’s VoIP Analog Gateway Series

Grandstream GXW IP Analog Gateway Series

We’ve reviewed several of Grandstream’s products and solutions for SMBs/enterprises. This time, we looked at its GXW IP Analog Gateway Series. The Series enables businesses to integrate traditional phone systems into VoIP networks as well as to easily manage communication costs.

Grandstream’s GXW Series of Analog Gateways is designed for full implementation with countless IP-PBXs and softswitches, including most SIP-based environments. Our review of the offering focuses on the GXW4200 Series, which does a great job at creating a hybrid IP/analog telephone system.

We recommend this Series if your contact center would like to upgrade its existing endpoint solitons without the cost of totally replacing phones, fax machines, and traditional business PBX systems.

Features & Advantages of Grandstream’s GXW IP Analog Gateway Series

Included in the GXW4200 Series is the:

  • GXW4216
  • GXW4224
  • GXW4232
  • GXW4248

Grandstream GXW4248What we found is that the GXW Series is compatible with most existing phones on the market and includes multiple FXS analog telephone ports. In addition, it offers clear voice quality and auto-provisioning for simple setup.

If security is a concern – the Series has advanced security protection in the form of STRP/TLS and HTTPS encryption. Likely the strongest feature we found is the GXW’s ability to handle high volumes of calls. To put the cherry on top – the Series is a cost-effective method of enjoying the advantages of VoIP communications without breaking the bank on new SIP phones.

Failover – yet another key feature of the Series, works to ensure full-time accessibility to business phone systems and data.

Additional features include:

  • Four SIP server profiles per system and an independent SIP account per port
  • A 132×48 backlit graphic display with multi-language support
  • The GXW4248 has two 50-pin Telco connectors
  • A one-gigabit network port

Target Market and Availability

This Series is ideal for SMBs and enterprises of all sizes looking to add more capabilities to current legacy business phones.

Pricing structure and how to buy

With offices located around the world, making a purchase shouldn’t be difficult. For questions about sales, you can contact Grandstream’s sales department for product pricing.

The company even has a network of resellers.

What’s the verdict?

Grandstream’s GXW 4200 Series of Analog VoIP Gateways is a great purchase for those who want to solve a common business issue – missed calls. Calling a client again can be time-consuming, so ensuring they have a secure and reliable method of getting in touch is warranted.

Although we didn’t cover Grandstream’s 4104 and 4108 models, it is worth mentioning – they are four and eight port versions of the GXW IP Analog Gateway Series. Finally, there is a video surveillance port on the 4104 and 4108 models, which provides extra functionalities to businesses.

As Grandstream is a trusted brand of UC products, it is difficult not to find value in its portfolio offerings, and this Series meets expectations. With a rich set of features, integrating traditional phone systems into VoIP networks and piece of cake management are just two of the clear benefits of Grandstream’s GXW IP Analog Gateway product suite.



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