Grandstream IP Phone Reviews 2019 – SIP Endpoints for Business

5 of Grandstream’s finest IP endpoints

Grandstream IP Phone Reviews 2019 – SIP Endpoints for Business

Founded in 2002, Grandstream is an American multi-national that specialises in developing a wide range of IP voice, video and IP-PBX appliances for a wide variety of different businesses across the globe.

As one of the telco industry’s most recognisable brands that holds a diverse catalogue of exciting products, we decided to include Grandstream in our IP Endpoint Series and do a review of the top 5 endpoint solutions they had to offer, covering everything from video surveillance intercoms to top-of-the range IP Phones and Android-based video phones.

GDS3710 Review UCTThe Grandstream GDS3710 IP Surveillance Camera and Intercom is a top-of-the-line communications tool to maximise the security of a business with a powerful and innovative set of top-notch features. Alongside a 180-degree spanning 1080p HD video camera and powerful HD Speakerphone and microphone, the intercom also features VoIP technology that will stream audio and video recordings straight to a person’s smartphone.

GXP1625 Review UCTThe Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone is a user-friendly communications tool that features rich HD sound quality and a 132×48 backlit graphic display for rapid access to call information and an abundance of useful features. Each phone supports up to 2 SIP accounts and offers three-way audio conferencing to help improve collaboration in the workplace.

GXP2130 UCT IP ReviewThe Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone is built for efficiency, providing a 2.8 inch TFT colour LCD display as well as exceptional HD quality audio and support for four-way audio conferencing. Built-in Bluetooth capabilities enables users to connect wireless headsets and pair the phone with their own personal smartphone and tablet devices.

gxp2170 review UCTThe Grandstream GXP2170 IP Phone is an enterprise-grade phone that’s luxuriously designed and offers a stunning 4.3-inch LCD colour display complete with 48 digital on-screen feature buttons. HD sound in both the handset and speakerphone ensure impeccable audio clarity during every call and conferencing support enables as many as five users to collaborate at the click of a button.

GXV3275 review UCTThe Grandstream GXV3275 Video Phone is built for android designed to provide muli-platform video conferencing support with the combined functionality of an Android Tablet. Beautifully designed, rich in features and features a built-in megapixel CMOS camera for instant HD video calling along with rich HD sound for outstanding audio quality during every call.

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For more information on the Grandstream endpoints range, take a look at the Grandstream homepage.

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