Snom D385 IP Phone Review – The Best Yet?

Smart, sleek, and simple - why the D385 could be Snom’s best device yet

Snom D385 IP Phone Review – The Best Yet?

Snom Technology GmbH is a German VoIP device manufacturer, headquartered in Berlin. The company’s products are targeted to small to mid-sized businesses, home offices, and internet service providers, among others. Snom was founded in 1996, starting off production with the Snom 100. Since then, Snom has come a long way and the recent Snom D385 is part of its D3xx series.

The D385 was launched in January of this year, as a desk phone with a sleek UI and several new features.

Inside Snom D385

Let’s glance through some of Snom D385’s key features.

The telephone has a large 4.3″ TFT colour display, ensuring it is convenient to check important information like address books and call lists. All keys on the Snom smart-screen are multicolour LEDs for total clarity. 48 entries can be stored, with each individually assigned for speed-dialling, call forwarding, and other functions.

Of course, Snom’s HD audio quality comes into play in the D385 and users can expect crystal-clear sound. There’s also an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch with Power Over Ethernet, integrated Bluetooth, and a USB connection. And, if you need conferencing support, the A230 DECT dongle and the Snom C52-SP expansion speaker can help you get there. Let’s now list out its several other features –

  • Miscellaneous capabilities like 12 SIP identities/accounts, an XML browser, a local directory with 1000 entries, multi-lingual support, and interoperability with all major IP PBX platforms
  • Essential call features, including speed dialling and URL dialling, local dial plans, a deny list, customisable music on hold, concurrent support for 12 calls, blind and attended transfer, 3-way conferencing, and multicast paging
  • Easy setup that is configurable through a web interface, as well as provisioning via HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP (automatic settings upload), DHCP options, Snom redirection service, and remote management
  • Stringent security, driven by 802.1X authentication and EAPOL, transport layer security (TLS), HTTPS server/client, a password-protected web interface, and VPN-support

Why Snom D385 Makes a Difference

The Snom D385 is a great mix of elegance and state-of-the-art tech. It has a neat range of functions, while the design is modern and minimal in its aesthetic. This makes the phone a perfect fit for any new office environment. What’s more, the perfect size, the improved graphical interface, USB headset readiness, and built-in Bluetooth compatibility are some of the other standout features that make Snom D385 quite the office must-have.

You have moved past those days of tedious labelling, manual address checking, and indeterminate conferencing capabilities, with the smart and stylish Snom D385. If yours is a new office or you’re an SMB looking to invest in a business phone that’s packed with everything you could require, this is the device for you.

What We Think

The beauty of the Snom D385 is its simplicity – the phone carries several critical elements, configured so perfectly that you get all you need without any poor UI challenges. From the multi-colour LEDs to the exceptional voice quality, this is genuinely worth every penny. There’s also the possibility of extending its capabilities further, with the USB port-enabled D3 expansion module. This lets users customise the LED keys and also take advantage of a backlight feature.

Finally, setting it up is delightfully easy and the new bigger and brighter colour screen makes calling, checking, recording, and rummaging through its many features refreshingly uncomplicated. This new Snom device is a great addition to its well-recognised line of communication solutions.


4.5 out of 5

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