Poly Announces Integrations with Amazon

Poly links to Alexa and Chime

Poly Announces Integrations with Amazon

Plantronics, a global communications company now known as “Poly”, recently announced exciting new integrations with Amazon. As part of Poly’s commitment to delivering next-level communication and collaboration, the business will be integrating with both Amazon Alexa for Business and Amazon Chime. Alexa and Chime will connect with the innovative Trio conference phone, to provide a state-of-the-art meeting experience for users, complete with new voice commands for managing meetings, and more.

Additionally, for employees who need help being more productive on-the-go, Poly Voyager 4200 UC headsets will also come with built-in Amazon Alexa functionality. According to the SVP & Chief Strategy Officer of Poly, Cary Bran, the company is “on a mission” to connect with some of the leading voice, video, and cloud companies. With access to AWS technology, Poly will be able to offer clear audio and stunning visuals across a range of devices and company ecosystems. Bran noted that Poly is eager to bring their technology to a broader consumer set, with new and improved features.

Polycom Trio and Amazon Alexa & Chime

Collin Davis

Collin Davis

The General Manager of Alexa for Business with AWS, Collin Davis, noted that Alexa for Business supports customers in simplifying their meeting experiences. Davis commented in a press release that Amazon has been working alongside Poly to make conferences more intuitive via Amazon Alexa integrated into Trio devices. The new integration means that customers can instantly tap into the benefits of Alexa and voice management with their existing Trio services. There’s no need to add any new hardware into the meeting room.

Through their Trio devices, Poly will be giving business customers the opportunity to enable immersive voice-activated meeting experiences in any conference room. In today’s evolving workplace, this could unlock unlimited opportunities for higher productivity and efficiency. With Amazon Alexa built into Trio, users will be able to access Alexa to start and end meetings, book rooms, and more.

Because Alexa integrates with other popular third-party applications like Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, and more, it can provide a more cohesive working environment too.

Innovation on the Move with Alexa and the Voyager 4200 UC


Voyager 4200 UC

Poly has also brought their Amazon partnership into the headset arena. The Voyager 4200 UC headset now comes with Alexa built-in, so that users can access their own voice assistant and get more done. With “tap and ask” functionality, users will be able to get instant feedback to their questions, for higher performance at work. The Voyager 4200 UC headsets also integrate with Plantronics Manager Pro – the SaaS subscription so that IT professionals can enable or disable registrations with Amazon Alexa.

According to Poly, the integration of Alexa and Amazon Chime into Trio is expected to be available to AWS and Plantronics users from April this year. The Alexa integration into the Voyager Headsets is scheduled for this spring.

An Amazon Alexa app is also required.


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