Snom Boosts M-Series DECT Range

Unpacking Snom's new M-Series and all its value

Snom Boosts M-Series DECT Range

As the landscape of the modern workplace continues to transform, so does the way employees communicate within organizations. Workers require the capability of making calls no matter where they are. This is true if there is an emergency, or if employees need to relay critical information to others they collaborate with.

For nurses, clinics, and warehouse workers, mobility is especially vital, making Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) handsets a necessary part of a work atmosphere where employees and their mobility remain high-priority.

Enter Snom, the German business VoIP phone manufacturer recently added to its fleet of cordless handsets, with the addition of three new DECT phones. Along with adding a multi-cell base station to its already successful M Series, Snom’s M70, M80, and M90 all share a sleek design. Snom’s DECT handsets are robust and come with integrated Bluetooth and an alarm function that sends an alert if the device detects inactivity for too long.

Snom’s Marketing Manager, Jason Green, told me, this time, they focused on meeting specific user and industry requirements with their new DECT handsets.

“Snom recognizes that workplace mobility in places like healthcare environments requires very specific telephony functionalities”

“To meet these needs, we designed our all-new white M90 has an antibacterial surface for use in clinics and nursing homes.”

Snom also took on scalability, specifically in industrial settings, when designing the M900 DECT multi-cell base station. Unique to the M Series, it can be paired with up to 4,000 base stations, and 16,000 handsets per installation, making it remarkably scalable.

Snom Enhances Mobile Working with New Features

Employees can use Snom’s DECT phone inside or outside, and the compact design makes it comfortable enough to rest on your hip with the help of an integrated clip. Snom’s M900 base station is compatible with its M25, M65, and M85 handsets, and has a range of 50 meters indoors, 300 meters outdoors, and extends the use of:

  • DECT and LAN sync
  • PoE and power supply support
  • OPUS codec support (additional module needed)
  • TLS encryption, local XML, and LDAP phonebook support

The three new handset additions to Snom’s M Series are sturdy enough to withstand falls from up to two meters, thanks to an outer protective cover. Tested using military standards, Snom’s M Series is even water and dust resistant in accordance with IP65 protection class. Each of its phones is compatible with SIP phone systems and their components.


(left to right) M80 Ruggedized DECT Handset, M90 DECT Handset and M70 Office DECT Handset

Pair these powerful features with telephone functionalities like speed dial, the ability to host two simultaneous calls or conference calls, 200 hours of standby time, and up to 12 hours talk time, Snom’s M Series delivers a feature-rich experience for all users.

Using DECT over Mobile Devices at Work

For businesses, choosing between DECT phones and mobile devices might still be a consideration. To settle any disputes you have, mobile phones are great for employees who travel. When it comes to introducing mobile technology into the context of a warehouse or clinic, issues can, however, arise.

Hospitals and warehouses with basements can cause mobile phones to struggle with making and receiving calls, because of a lack of reception. What Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology does is provide a stable connection as an alternative to using a mobile device in settings that aren’t favorable.


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