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Unify OpenStage 60/60G Review – cool as ice?

Unify OpenStage 60/60G Review – cool as ice?

OpenStage is an award-winning telephone range from unified communication service providers, (the aptly named) Unify. With their stylish looks and feature rich, intuitive design, OpenStage claim to offer a vast range of phones that can really help improve the productivity and communications of a wide variety of different businesses…but which one is right for your business?

In this article we have decided to do an in depth review of one of Unify’s flagship products, the OpenStage 60/60G, in the hope that our professional critique will help you decide if the phone is right or wrong for your business. As well as examining the functionality and aesthetics, we shall also give our opinion on what businesses we think will benefit most from this model.

Before we continue, however, we just want to let you know that we are only reviewing and not selling this phone. This is just our opinion and we are giving it to try and help you make the right choice.

Look and feel – would this phone suit your office?

Available in both Ice Blue and Lava colourings, the OpenStage 60/60G offers a very modern, sleek and environmentally friendly ‘green’ design that operates efficiently to consume less power by using sustainable energy sources. Simple yet effective, the interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate through, ensuring users can utilise the many functions available with minimal training needed. An adjustable graphical colour 320 x 240 pixel LED back-lit display is also present alongside 8 free programmable keys and 9 pre set feature buttons.

Unify OpenStage 6060G IP phone

What can it do?

As a phone that is designed to be incredibly user friendly, the simplified feature setup and innovative control elements such as the programmable touch keys, a TouchSlider volume system and an easy-to-use TouchGuide Navigation feature means that this phone can be used by more or less anyone and require little training.

Alongside this, the Fixed Feature Function Keys allow users to quickly access frequently used call functions such as Drop/Release, Call Forwarding, Speaker and dedicated applications such as Phonebook, Call Log/History, Answering Machine at the click of a button.

For any user wanting to add extra functionality to their OpenStage 60/60G device, a Bluetooth connection port allows users to connect wireless headsets/handsets and additional key units (for extra personalised function buttons). Also, with OpenStage Manager software installed, users are able to easily manage and synchronise contacts, back up data and retrieve call log information whenever necessary.

What are our favourite bits?

Without a doubt the thing that impressed us most, as many other people will probably agree, is the simplicity and ease of use. For companies that want to improve the productivity of their employees but have very little time and money to invest in putting staff through training systems, the straightforward, minimalist design of this phone is ideal.

What didn’t we like about it?

Though the minimal design is beneficial to some, there are others whose job roles require a phone that has high functionality and our bet is that a receptionist or administrator that is directing call traffic for a company that employs 100+ people is going to need a phone that has more than 8 free function keys. That being said, as we have mentioned previously, additional key units accessories can be attached to this device to increase the number of function keys if necessary (albeit at an added cost).

Who would benefit most from this phone?

For users who struggle when asked to operate some of the more complex, feature rich desktop phones, the simple user-friendly interface and design of the OpenStage 60/60G is the perfect match. Also, the easy to follow web-based OpenStage Manager is highly recommended for any business looking to improve the productivity of their staff and users without having to invest much capital in arduous training schemes.

How compatible is this phone?

The OpenStage 60/60G is compatible with all Unify OpenScape platforms.

Where to buy and for how much?

After a quick Google search, we can see that the OpenStage 60/60G is currently showing up with an average cost of £286.00/$362.00. For simplicity and many features that are available on this device we feel that this price is more than reasonable.

What do we think?

If you are searching for a phone that is eco friendly, minimalist in design yet highly functional and easy to use then this device could be ideal for your business. By giving users the option to increase functionality if they desire, we feel the OpenStage 60/60G is non-restrictive and are impressed with the way in which it can grow to suit the needs of the user.

However, if you feel differently or have had any past experiences with this phone that you wish to share with us and any other potential buyer who have come to our site seeking advice, please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to publish it.


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