AudioCodes Provides Voice in the Hybrid Paradox  

James Stephen

Matthew Holloway speaks about the applications of voice services  

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AudioCodes Provides Voice in the Hybrid Paradox  

Voice service providers need to be prepared for the hybrid paradox simultaneously keeping people at home and pulling them to the office, according to AudioCodes VP Matthew Holloway.  

In adjusting to these latest demands, the AudioCodes VP believes it is vital to create an inclusive setup.  

Office workers and remote workers both need the right toolset to communicate effectively. Partners are also a key component to ensuring its success, he says.  

Matthew Holloway, VP of UCC Strategy, Alliances & Partnerships at AudioCodes, said: “There has been such a dynamic change in the last 20 years.  

“We continue to see the adoption of voice and cloud services from top players such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  

“It has changed how we communicate and collaborate in the workspace today.  

“Of course, Covid-19 was the main driver behind the full and fast adoption of Microsoft Teams.  

“I believe it is the fastest-growing product that Microsoft has ever had.  

“From 2017 to now, the adoption has been surreal, and we continue to see people move forward and continue to adopt and use the tool.  

“Above and beyond being a collaboration tool, beyond just a chat tool, it continues to expand the use cases and everything it’s doing.  

“This really exciting movement in the marketplace is bringing the full voice systems into the cloud.”  

Holloway also explained that its voice processes could help enterprises reintegrate their frontline workers, manufacturers, and retail workers and enable them to communicate with their corporate headquarters.  

AudioCodes Live Express is a simplified phone system that businesses can use to automate many processes, Holloways says. He also believes it offers a simple pricing model and optimises onboarding voice services.  

Onboarding voice services is one of the most complex and significant challenges for companies, and it is an area of great value that partners can provide, according to Holloway.  

Holloway believes partners must understand the needs and drivers of our customers and partners today, which Live Express is precisely catered for.  

Holloway listed other ways for partners to differentiate themselves: “[Partners should focus on] the adoption of people, places and processes.  

“When we look at the hybrid, flexible work model, we can ensure that we are giving their frontline workers, retail workers, and everybody out there the ability to communicate and collaborate, from the state to local education.  

“The health care marketplace is also a truly dynamic market for us.  

“We can bring it all together under one umbrella and make sure that voice is the top priority for our customers and partners.  

“I think this upcoming year will be a very, very exciting time.”  

AudioCodes’ Zoom and Microsoft Teams offerings have experienced a huge amount of growth recently.  



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