Team collaboration is something that companies have relied on for decades - even centuries.

According to a survey of employees conducted by Queens University, 39% of respondents felt that their teams aren't collaborating enough. It's hard to imagine how collaboration could be suffering in a world where we have so many different ways to connect. However, it's important to note that teams today aren't as simple as they once were.

Today, the workforce is more flexible than ever. Organisations around the world are beginning to hire remote freelancers to assist them alongside their in-office staff. The result is often quicker results and better productivity for all. However, there are downsides to the dispersed workforce too. How do you keep your team connected when they're distributed around the globe?

Using Technology to Empower Today's Teams

Team Collaboration doesn't have to be impossible in the age of mobile and remote workers. However, you do need to have access to the right tools. Unfortunately, many businesses are still uncertain about what team collaboration means. Nemertes studies find that almost half of all companies use team collaboration applications. However, most people still define these apps as "instant messaging tools."

Team collaboration isn't just about messaging your colleagues on Slack or Microsoft Teams. Innovative business collaborations can boost company productivity by up to 30%. They include everything from secure file-sharing services, to knowledgebase systems, video conferencing solutions and so much more. Some collaboration tools even come with access to endpoints like whiteboards to enhance teamwork.

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