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Contact Centre Vendors

What is a Contact Centre solution?

Contact Centre solutions and platforms are a set of programmes and services designed specifically to help improve the performance of your agents, increase their efficiency and ensure all callers are given the best level of service they can get on a consistent basis (CX = Customer Experience).

Although the use of AI and chatbot technology is rising in contact centres at a dramatic rate, a recent survey carried out by Sift Ltd, reported that 79% of customers still prefer to contact customer service by phone (real agent not automated), thus finding a solution that can adequately support all channels is of crucial importance.

Fortunately, at present there are many vendors out there offering Contact Centre solutions that can do exactly that and you can use the UC Today reviews section to find a vendor which matches your business most adequately.

What is Omnichannel? (The Omnichannel Contact Centre)

Voice is no longer the only mode of communication worth considering in the world of customer service. In a world where consumers demand more personalised, innovative experiences, contact centres need to evolve, embracing new channels for the average client conversation.

The “Omnichannel” contact centre is designed to support customers on their preferred channel, whether it’s social media, SMS, email, video, or voice. What’s more, omnichannel solutions keep every potential touchpoint connected, so that context can flow from one channel to the next, supporting a more informed discussion with each customer.

Already, omnichannel has proven itself to be a powerful strategy for any contact centre. Research by the Aberdeen Groups shows that businesses with an omnichannel strategy see a 91% year-over-year increase in client retention rates.

Understanding the Age of Omnichannel

The term “omnichannel” is an extension of “multichannel.” As new technologies have delivered more ways for companies to connect with their customers, countless contact centres have embraced multi-channel services, supporting their consumers through email, instant messaging, and phone calls. The only problem with multi-channel strategies is that each available channel is disconnected from the others. A person can’t start a conversation on email and simply escalate it to a phone call without having to explain their issue all over again.

Omnichannel takes the frustration and repetition out of the customer journey, by connecting every platform together on the same back-end system. Some of the most recent omnichannel contact centre solutions even come with contextual pop-ups that provide agents with personalised information about each customer as they strive to answer a question or solve a problem.

The omnichannel experience gives customers complete control over the kind of support they can get from their favourite companies. In the age of customer experience, the omnichannel contact centre can be a crucial point of differentiation for any brand.

Benefits of the Omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions

Omnichannel contact centres provide a complete, connected experience for customers while giving agents and supervisors a Birdseye view of the customer journey. With an omnichannel contact centre, you can track how each customer engages with your brand, and come up with better ways to boost service and enhance agent productivity. Some omnichannel contact centres even integrate with other tools like UC systems and CRM platforms.

Omnichannel solutions:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing your consumers with the support they need, on a platform they feel comfortable with.
  • Deliver useful customer insights by allowing companies to track consumer movement across multiple channels, and measure metrics like first-time
  • Boost agent performance by providing each employee with useful information about the people they serve. The more informed an agent is, the quicker they can offer a resolution to a problem and move onto the next customer.

The key to successfully implementing omnichannel into your contact centre is mapping out the customer journey and implementing solutions for every touchpoint that client may want to use to engage with you. A successful omnichannel strategy can quickly transform a standard one-time purchase, into a loyal, long-term customer.

Contact Centre Vendors

Here’s a list of internationally recognised vendors in alphabetical order.

  • 8×8
  • Aspect
  • Avaya
  • BroadSoft (now part of Cisco)
  • Cisco
  • Content Guru
  • Enghouse Interactive
  • Five9
  • Genesys
  • InContact (now part of Nice)
  • Interactive Intelligence (now part of Genesys)
  • Mitel
  • NICE
  • NewVoiceMedia (now part of Vonage)
  • RingCentral
  • Serenova
  • ShoreTel (now part of Mitel)
  • Talkdesk
  • Teletech
  • Tollring
  • Unify


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