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Logitech Meetup Conference Cam Review

The Logitech all-in-one conference cam

Logitech Meetup Conference Cam Review

Videoconferencing is one of the most popular ways to communicate in the age of remote working and globalisation. As the workforce grows more dispersed, it’s essential for businesses to give their team members a better way to connect face-to-face. High-quality video conferencing can provide all the intimacy and benefits of in-person conversations without the expensive travel fees.

Audio and video pioneer, Logitech, offers a wide variety of video-conferencing endpoints intended to simplify the entry into video for businesses of all sizes. The Meetup conference camera from Logitech is an all-in-one conferencing solution, complete with an extra-wide field of view, making it perfect for huddle rooms and small conference spaces. The Meetup also comes with integrated audio features, so you have everything you need to launch a successful session.

Here’s your guide to the Logitech Meetup conference camera.

Logitech Meetup Conference Camera Features

Software isn’t the only thing that businesses need to get right these days when they’re investing in their conferencing solutions. It’s also essential to have the right hardware endpoints in place too. The Logitech Meetup camera is the premium conference camera solution from Logitech for huddle rooms and small conferencing spaces.

Thanks to its extra-wide field of view, the Meetup camera can ensure that everyone in your team is visible, no matter how small your meeting space might be. Additionally, the integrated audio has been optimised to suit the acoustics of huddle rooms too. Features include:

  • All-in-one audio and video
  • Motorised pan and tilt with Logitech lens
  • 3 camera presets
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 4K Ultra HD video calling
  • 3-microphone speakerphone
  • RightSense technologies built-in
  • Extended range with expansion mic for Meetup
  • Premium 5 times zoom
  • Certified for business
  • High-quality audio

Logitech Meetup Conference Camera Benefits

Designed to transform the way you manage your meetings; the Logitech Meetup conference camera comes with everything you need for a more convenient conference. From multiple mounting options that allow you to have complete control over your business environment, to options for expansion with the Expansion Mic for Meetup, you’ll find everything you need here. Benefits include:

  • Ideal view for huddle rooms: The Logitech Meetup camera brings exceptional video quality into huddle rooms and small conference spaces, thanks to an extra-wide field of view. The 4K high definition sensor also ensures sharp clarity for your images, while pan tilt and zoom control ensure that you have complete control over your broadcast. You can also download a free Logitech remote application to control your camera using your smartphone
  • Excellent audio quality: Not only do you get a fantastic quality of video with the Logitech Meetup, but you also get state-of-the-art audio that has been carefully optimised for huddle room acoustics. You can also add the Expansion Mic for your Meetup environment for a greater audio range
  • Certified for business conferencing: Connect your Meetup camera to your existing conference room computers and make the most of it with things like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Jabber, BlueJeans, BroadSoft, Fuze, and more. You can also dial into audio conferences with the Meetup camera on your smartphone or tablet too
  • A meeting solution that works for you: The Meetup camera is small but powerful, making it ideal for use in any huddle room or small conference space. You can mount the device on a small mobile cart, below or above a display and more. What’s more, with 5 times optical zoom, you’ll have no problem capturing high-quality images at a distance
  • RightSense technologies: Like other solutions in the Logitech portfolio, the Meetup conference camera comes with access to the proactive RightSense technologies from Logitech. These ensure that meetings can be easier and more automatic, with RightSound for better human voice quality, and RightSight to automatically adjust the camera lens. There’s also RightLight to help all of your employees look their best when they’re on camera

Finishing Thoughts

Created with a focus on simplicity and performance, the Logitech Meetup conference camera is the perfect all-in-one solution for HD video and audio. Ideally suited to the small space within a huddle room or miniature conference room, the Logitech Meetup is great for impromptu collaboration sessions. What’s more, just because you’re running smaller meetings doesn’t mean you have to compromise on audio and video quality.

Easy to use and manage, the Logitech Meetup also comes ready to integrate with your collaboration tools and enhanced by the Logitech RightSense technologies for automation.

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4.7 out of 5

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