Amazon Connect vs Twilio Flex Comparison 2019

Open and flexible communications for 2019

Amazon Connect vs Twilio Flex Comparison 2019

As customers become increasingly demanding, businesses can no longer rely exclusively on a single one-size-fits-all solution for their contact centre and communication environment. To keep up with the ever-transforming landscape, companies need something flexible, open, and dynamic. That’s why API and CPaaS solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

Amazon Connect and Twilio Flex are two of fully-programmable and open solutions available for contact centre communications today. Amazon Connect offers self-service cloud-based contact centres that allow companies to build a custom contact centre at a lower cost. The self-service graphical interface in Amazon Connect ensures that non-technical users can manage agents, design contact flows, and track performance metrics in no time.

On the other hand, Twilio Flex is one of the world’s best-known solution for flexible contact centre strategies. This programmable and open environment gives businesses access to everything they need for building an omnichannel contact centre with customisable components like interaction routing, workflows, UI, and reporting features.

Here’s your guide to each option.

Amazon Connect Features

Setting up a flexible contact centre solution with Amazon Connect is simple and straightforward. With just a couple of clicks within your AWS management console, you can have your environment running and agents ready to take calls in minutes. There’s no infrastructure to manage or deploy either, which means that you can scale your contact centre according to your unique needs.

Because Amazon Connect is an open platform, it’s easy to integrate with other systems, including your Customer Relationship Management platforms. Additionally, you can use various Amazon tools to upgrade your features with things like call recordings, lifecycle analysis, and more. Features include:

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing: Amazon Connect offers pricing by the minute with no upfront charges or long-term commitments required
  • AI-enabled enhancements: Use the AWS AI service with Amazon Connect to improve the customer experience intelligently
  • Connect the right customers: To agents that are best-suited to serve them with skills-based routing. This improves your chances of first-time resolution
  • Real-time and historical metrics: Operational efficiency for the contact centre is driven by factors like number of calls taken per month and average time on hold for more profound data-driven decision making
  • Natural language chatbots: Available through Amazon Lex for better self-service solutions and assistance for your customers
  • Amazon Connect: For programmatical calls using the outbound contact API. Schedule automated calls for appointment reminders and set up automatic notification calls
  • High-quality audio: Amazon ensures that your audio will always be exceptional thanks to 16KHz sound that’s resistant to packet loss

Twilio Flex Features

Twilio Flex gives companies the power to build and run enterprise-level contact centres that suit their business needs exactly. You can add and remove various out-of-the-box components and configure your contact centre on a granular level. Two-way integration also allows users to send and receive data from external WFM, WFO, and CRM tools, and manage interactions within the same interface.

Twilio Flex supports various channels for communication in the omnichannel environment, including video, voice, and rich messaging options. This allows agents to switch seamlessly between communication experiences in a way that suits them and your customers. Twilio Flex also offers a visual drag-and-drop workflow editor that makes it easy to customise and build your own unique workflows. Features include:

  • High-level customisation: Personalise everything from your call routing strategy to your agent’s desktop UI experience, with programmable pre-made building blocks that you can add or remove according to your needs
  • Deploy and scale swiftly: Choose the tools you need to power your contact centre then scale features up as rapidly as you choose
  • Workflow optimisation and quality monitoring tools: Keep track of your contact centre performance and set-up strategies for long-term optimization and improvement
  • Cloud-based flexibility: Because Twilio Flex is built in the cloud, the API is always available, continuously ready to upgrade and scales automatically to meet your needs
  • Fully-featured from day one: You can start running your Twilio Flex experience straight out of the box, enabling your app with everything from natural language understanding to text to speech transcription
  • Intelligent communications: Every call and text on the Twilio Network supports a more intelligent environment for the API

Amazon Connect vs. Twilio Flex: Integrations

Both Twilio Flex and Amazon Connect are designed to be as open and flexible as possible, with API’s built into their core to help you develop your contact centre however you choose. They also come with in-built integration options to enhance your environment too.

For instance, Amazon Connect comes with access to a range of pre-built integrations into popular Customer Relationship Management systems. There’s also an API that can be used to build custom integrations. You can use your Amazon Connect environment with CRM, WFM, and WFO solutions, as well as other Amazon services.

Twilio Flex also comes with the option to integrate any CRM you choose, whether it’s on-prem, custom-built, or cloud-based. There’s also out-of-the-box Salesforce integration available, and the option to build your own integrations the immersive Flex plugin framework.

Amazon Connect vs. Twilio Flex: Security

For peace of mind when it comes to excellent performance and compliance, Amazon Connect and Twilio Flex also take security and reliability very seriously. Amazon Connect runs on top of the proven infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. This means that you’ll have access to 66 availability zones across 21 geographic regions worldwide. This makes Amazon Connect extremely fault-tolerant and highly available.

Additionally, Amazon Connect also complies with the latest security regulations and standards, such as PCI DSS. This means that you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality experience when it comes to security and privacy.

Twilio Flex supports a 99.999% API success rate, which offers an excellent insight into the kind of experience that you’re going to get with the company. Additionally, Twilio puts a tremendous amount of focus into keeping security and privacy at the heart of their operations, with GDPR and privacy shield compliance, as well as ISO 27001 standards in place.

Amazon Connect vs. Twilio Flex: Which One Should You Choose?

Both Amazon Connect and Twilio Flex offer unique and highly open environments on which you can build the ultimate custom contact centre. Amazon Connect offers all of the resilience and reliability of the AWS environment, while Twilio provides an exceptional background for flexible API development.

When you need a DIY approach to contact centre excellence, both Amazon Connect and Twilio Flex are excellent choices. Which one appeals most to you?

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