Avaya IP Office Cloud Review: Preparing Your Business For DX

See if Avaya IP Office Cloud can help you complete your digital transformation

Avaya IP Office Cloud Review: Preparing Your Business For DX

As technology gets smarter, faster and more efficient, customer engagement becomes more complex, and any company that fails to address these changes by finding a solution that meets the expectations of the customer runs the risk of losing them to the next competitor that does.

Likewise, the huge economic savings businesses can make from migrating into the cloud are great for those that have already began their digital transformation (DX), but worrying for those who are left continuously watching other people’s successes from the wrong side of the fence.

Moreover, the rising trend of cloud UC solutions is also changing the way businesses operate both internally and externally. It is believed that around 40% of information workers now work remotely, with that percentage expected to increase substantially as more and more businesses begin their digital transformation.

With this in mind, we have written a full-length review on the Avaya IP Office Cloud to help inform our readers of what the solution can do to address these issues and let them decide if Avaya is the right brand for their business.

What can it do?

Improves customer engagement

With apps such as Facetime, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype demonstrating how radically communications have changed over the last decade, the rising demand for multi-level support in customer driven environments such as contact centres comes as no surprise.

Fortunately, Avaya IP Office Cloud allows businesses to engage with customers on a number of channels including IM, Video, WebRTC, as well as the more traditional voice and email to ensure that every customer is able to communicate in a way that is most convenient to them.

Aids collaboration and productivity

Around 87% of business leaders believe collaboration improves productivity, so finding a solution that gives each user the freedom to work from any location and share information instantly without having to waste time waiting for emails to be read or calls to be returned is a key priority.

By offering a complete unified communications solution that houses IM, Video Calling, Video Conferencing and much more all in one place, along with full BYOD and remote working support for home workers or field sales agents, Avaya IP Office Cloud allows businesses to collaborate better than ever before.

Lowers expenses

One of the major disadvantages that comes from on-site hosting is that all hardware maintenance and update costs must be covered by the business. As well as money, this also takes up time that could instead be invested in other, more productive areas of the business.

By choosing Avaya IP Office Cloud, businesses can drastically cut down on these expenses by deploying numerous areas of their business into the cloud with solutions such as CCaaS, UCaaS and more. Moreover, by supporting remote working, BYOD and video conferencing, the solution also heavily reduces travel and hardware expenses whilst simultaneously improving collaboration and productivity.

Flexible Deployment

One of the most important things businesses must consider when making their digital transformation is to ensure the path they choose into the cloud is one that meets their requirements in both the present and the future. Though some businesses may benefit from going all in to the cloud in one go, companies with existing investments in on-site communications may be reluctant to let them go to waste.

Thankfully, an Avaya IP Office Cloud Hybrid solution allows businesses to engage in DX at a gradual pace, deploying certain areas of their business into the cloud whilst keeping other onsite until they are in a position to move them.

What did we like?

As a complete solution that offers huge advantages to numerous areas of a business, it’s hard to pick out one feature over the next. We do, however, admire the flexible deployment options on Avaya IP Office Cloud along with Avaya’s promise to help each of their customers formulate their own unique cloud deployment strategy. It seems customer care and providing ongoing support for their clients is a top priority for the brand.

Who is it for?

As we’ve already mentioned, Avaya IP Office Cloud is a flexible solution that is suitable for ally businesses, ranging from one-person start-ups, right through to multi-national enterprises.

UC Today Opinion

When looking back at the issues addressed at the start of the review regarding the problems businesses face in an evolving market that cries out for better customer engagement, greater flexibility and more freedom to collaborate, we think the Avaya IP Office Cloud offers the perfect all-round solution.

As well as drastically reducing costs in various different parts of the business, the Avaya IP Office Cloud also helps improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace and allows businesses build for a new future where they can engage with their clients on multiple platforms.

Have any questions about Avaya IP Office Cloud that weren’t covered in the review? Are there any experiences with this product you wish to share with others? Want to know more about DX? If so, please feel free to submit your comments to the section below and communicate with our other readers.

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4.5 out of 5

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