Big News You May Have Missed

News from the last week you may have missed

Big News You May Have Missed

March has officially arrived, and we’re back with more top stories and insights from the last seven days. Here at UC Today, we’ve heard plenty of buzz from companies throughout the unified communication, collaboration, and customer experience sectors.

We had our UCaaS roundtable, discussing the evolution of Unified Communication as a Service with leading brands like Cisco, Mitel, RingCentral, and LogMeIn. We’ve also had news from Five9, Ribbon, and even Slack to talk about this week.

If you missed the biggest stories, these are the ones we think you should check out.

UCaaS Round Table for 2020

As the potential of Unified Communications as a Service continues to evolve, companies of all sizes are taking advantage of a new era of flexible and versatile technology. However, there are still challenges to be overcome for those making their way to the cloud, and important decisions to be made about which trends to embrace.

We spoke to experts from Mitel, LogMeIn, Cisco, and RingCentral about the UCaaS landscape as it stands today, and what it might look like in the future. In our round table, you’ll find an overview of some of the biggest issues facing UCaaS implementation right now, the trends that are set to transform the landscape, and more. We even have insights into how APIs will impact the UCaaS portfolio mix.

Five9 Wants to Take Silicon Valley to Canada

Leading cloud contact centre solution, Five9 recently sent CEO Rowan Trollope, over to UC Today for an exclusive interview. In our conversion with the contact centre innovator, he told us all about his plans for Northern American expansion, and how he wants to turn Canada into the next Silicon Valley, with more access to pioneering technology than ever before.

According to Trollope, there’s a lot of demand coming from Canada for cloud solutions right now, and that’s what triggered the company’s decision to drive a more substantial presence in Toronto. Rowan also touched on the importance of cloud communications in a time when things like Coronavirus are leaving entire nations in fear.

5G Will Change Collaboration Technology

Collaboration technology in the modern landscape gives today’s employees the opportunity to connect to the workplace from anywhere – even using mobile devices. However, in the past, the connectivity of those devices have sometimes left something to be desired. Fortunately, according to guest blogger, Rob Doucette, the VP of Product Management at Martello, that could be about to change.

Martello’s blog on UC Today highlights the growing potential of 5G as a solution for delivering next-level collaboration in the digital workforce. According to Rob, 5G will help to keep every employee more seamlessly connected when working outside of the office.

Introducing the Intelligent Edge Portfolio from Ribbon

Global software leader and expert in intelligent cloud communications, Ribbon, recently brought a new solution to the market in the form of a next-gen Intelligent Edge solution. This solution is designed to enhance and connect data and voice tools while simultaneously maintaining security and service assurance.

Not only is the Intelligent Edge service a perfect way for companies to get access to all the power and functionality of the edge, but Ribbon’s solution is comparable with Microsoft Teams too. It can provide both routing and policy capabilities for all of a company’s must-have cloud applications. Learn more about the portfolio here.

Slack Launches New Development Tool Home

Slack recently introduced developers to a brand new “App Home” feature – a solution that takes the text-based nature of coding and makes it more visual and accessible to coders. The App home feature first appeared in Beta at the developer conference “Spec” last year. As of now, however, Slack has said that the tool is generally available for everyone to explore.

Slack hopes that the new solution will help to clean up the developer experience with useful tabs where developers can sort through information. The visual interface will also allow developers to interact with apps, creating custom greetings and triggers for their teams. The App Home could be a powerful new functionality for Slack’s developer user base.

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