Meet Twilio Understand – Get Me?

Do you really “know” your customers?

Meet Twilio Understand – Get Me?

Today’s customers are impatient, empowered, and searching for change. They don’t want to use a keypad to type in their information and click through various menus on a smartphone. Instead, they want a solution to their connections that feels as natural as talking to someone on a phone. Unfortunately, speech recognition isn’t always a simple process. However, all of that could be about to change, thanks to a new ‘natural language understanding system powered by machine learning’ from Twilio, called Twilio Understand.

“Understand” is a solution designed to respond to natural language in a conversation, in order to find out the context of a conversation, or determine why someone is saying or typing something. It’s a pretty exciting concept when you consider how important contextual comms and personalisation has become within the current marketplace. Today’s customers expect their favourite brands to know the reason or their call, without having to repeat themselves over, and over again.

Evolving for Voice

With Twilio Understand, organisations can begin to transform the digital experience, on everything from Facebook messenger and SMS to Amazon Alexa. Using the unique platform, businesses can train their models to understand the context of communication, so that applications can built to interact with natural speech and human language.

In simple terms, Twilio Understand is an AI solution, that brands can train to recognise certain aspects of the written and spoken word. Essentially, developers can design and build their natural application from scratch, and train it to work alongside their existing and future channels for consumer interaction, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS, voice, and anything else you might be able to think of.

The Case for Twilio Understand

Twilio SignalThere are plenty of applications that might benefit from the ability to understand and process human language. For instance, you could automatically train your AI to capture all the information you need from your conversations, in order to improve support experiences, enhance lead qualification, and give your company access to brand-new opportunities for sales. On the other hand, you could analyse the answers that customers give to common questions, to determine how calls should be routed in a contact centre.

With Twilio Understand, developers will even be able to design their own fully-integrated bots, complete with all the knowledge they need about the context of a business, and the way human language works. This can deliver better experiences for contact centre agents, and customers alike.

Simplifying the Communications World

With Twilio Understand, businesses can finally start to streamline the consumer contact experience. When a customer can talk to their brands naturally, without having to call and explain their problems to an agent or type numerous things into a messenger application, they can enjoy a more organic experience with their online interactions. Ultimately, you get to make the most out of your customer service agents, while your clients walk away feeling more satisfied.

Currently, the Twilio Understand solution is available through Developer Preview today. You can find out more about using the system to build a more powerful, and accurate voice experience, by checking out our coverage from the Signal event in London.


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